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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Salon Suites and Individual Styling Studios

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Pictured is an individual styling suite. Most suites range from $150 per week to $399 per week. Depending on the area, location, etc.

Benefits: 1) Salon ownership without the extra overhead. Just pay booth rent for your own "lock and key." 2) Most suites still require a separate business license and separate salon license. You can have your own salon name and Suite number. 3) You can have privacy with your clients versus the open floor plan. 4)You do not have to worry about recruiting other hairstylists to help pay booth rent on time.

In this day and time, most people only seek hair appointments by specific stylist referral. The salons that feed off a lot of walk-in traffic are chain salons like Great Clips, Sports Clips, Famous Hair, SuperCuts, Costcutters, MasterCuts, etc. The price points are quite fair, and most people know that it is a gamble going to these types of places as to your final outcome.

So what about the traditional salons? There are benefits to working in a traditional salon too such as 1) Bonding with a team. 2) Experimenting with new products on other team members versus the client. 3) Backup assistance for full foil haircolor or just another team member to give a second opinion. 4) Training sessions and more people to learn from.

Whether you choose the traditional salon or the salon suite, you do not make money without clientele. It is a business. You do not keep 100% of your income from services if you are commissioned, but it is a great way to build clientele and leave when you are ready to become independent.

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