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Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Whipping my Locs in the Wind

My locs are 3 years 7 months old.  It was a windy day while running errands.  Why not whip my hair?  Enjoy!!!!

My Loc Curls for CIAA 2016

3 years 7 months mature Sisterlocks

It's CIAA Week! (2016)

Loc Curls - 
Twisted with Design Essentials Masterpiece and curled with perm rods

Lovin' my loc curls and my liquid chalk color!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wet Check-in: Three years 7 months Sisterlocks Anniversary

Hey! It's that time of the month anniversary! Sisterlocks anniversary.

Wet Lock Check-in!

I can make a nice juicy ponytail now!

My loc length is definitely below my shoulders.

Styling versatility continues to become easier.

Yeah! I have come a long way in 43 months.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Creative Loc Color by Benita Blocker

Creative Loc Coloring by Benita Blocker.  

I used my cameraphone to take these snapshots.  I should have used a digital camera to capture the true loc coloring.

We completed the Blonde highlights months ago.

This picture was taken after her gray coverage, but before the red glaze was added.  This was the intermediate phase.  A lot of foiling was required to protect the blonde color.

This is the before picture.  My client required her gray roots to be colored, protect the blonde coloring, but add some red highlights.  As you can see, we maintained her in neutral corporate color scheme.

Gray coverage was achieved at the roots!  We went with the usual light brown color to allow the gray new growth to gradually blend in.

Another view of final creative coloring by Benita Blocker. Reds, blondes, and browns.
She was pleased with her new color scheme and so was I! I used Beth Minardi and Schwarzkoph hair color lines.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Loc Styling: The Making of Mardi Gras Masquerade Hair

It was Mardi Gras time again for The Crown Jewels (NC) chapter of the Links, Inc. I decided to wear my locs down this year!  It required advance planning to make my curly locs blend in with my straight hair "sistahs."  

I even picked out the perfect jewelry ensemble from my collection of rhinestone head jewelry.  I introduced the concept of Fashion Head jewelry in an article on this blog during the 2015 Holiday season.

I started with a fresh wet set using perm rods for more curl definition about four days prior to the event.  I twisted slices of my locs like the start of Bantu knots and then anchored them with a perm rods.  I used the Design Essentials Masterpiece setting lotion 1:1 mixture.

This Aldo cap became my new "bestie!" I took out all the perm rods and coiled the front top Sisterlocks to stay under my cap while the side and back hung down with minimal to no manipulation for three days up to the hour before the event.  My clients had probably never seen me working in a cap, but I was determined to have curls for my event.  

It was the best decision ever!  
I was a Goddess!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Loc Styling: Last Minute Sleek

White Sands Infinity Liquid Texture Firm Finish Spray and some finger manipulation equal a "last minute sleek" loc look.

I lost my SuperBowl curls before SuperBowl Sunday arrived.  I had to make my "do" work for the weekend!

I was a part of the Panther Nation with my blue lipstick!  Congratulations Carolina Panthers on a Great Season!

Shower Cap Review: Studio Dry

StudioDry works for me!  It is extra large. Sturdy. Comfortable. Waterproof!

Nice microfiber lining too. Love it!

I found the Studio Dry shower cap at a Tuesday Morning store for $5.00 USD.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Why Men Should Avoid Entering into a Hair Salon

 Tips Surrounding Men in the Hair Salon

1) Many women who are in the midst of a hair service appointment would prefer to maintain their privacy.  Sometimes women's own spouses have never seen them in "rare" form so why should a strange man see them?

2) Children are sometimes serviced in the salon while their parents are away running errands.  It is best not to risk having any children being sexually assaulted.

3) HairStylists have a lot of responsibility.  Answering relationship questions while servicing other hair clients is plain awkward. Surprise visits by anyone who has an agenda other than buying hair products or scheduling a hair service, are a nuisance to the hairstylists.

4) Spouses, Boyfriends, and Dads should conduct their business with their loved ones in a very timely manner and leave.  I can not stand to have someone else's husband/boyfriend staring at me for a whole hour with my hair undone.

Past Examples:
1) I shared with a first date that I was a salon owner. He was a sanitation truck driver.  He literally was in the neighborhood on a future occasion.  He saw my "open" sign.  He parked the sanitation (garbage) truck in the front of the salon blocking the sunlight and proceeded to surprise me emptyhanded with his presence while I am in the middle of servicing a client.  I was so embarrassed.

2) Someone in the area showed a single guy my salon location because he was inquiring about where I worked.  Needless to say, the guy comes into my salon to ask me out on a date while I am servicing a client.  Unfortunately, I was not attracted to the guy which made the encounter even more awkward. What stranger shows up at someone's workplace and expects things to go well? 

Bottom Line:  Men, even if you look like a handsome "LL Cool J," if you are not being serviced, then  limit your hair salons visits please.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Faux Natural: Final Results from Flat Twisting

Faux Natural Styling by Benita Blocker

My client gets relaxer touchups every 8 weeks, and semi-permanent haircoloring to maintain her deep red color.  Her "faux natural" look is a result of flat twisting the relaxed hair, drying it, and unwinding each row one at a time.  There are no extensions so the longer the hair; the better.

I have many relaxed clients that get the flat twists and unwind them at home.  Some wear this styling all year long.  Some wear this styling during the summer months only. 

Clients can wear a headband or put it in an updo.  To maintain, most clients cornrow it at night in large rows to sleep overnight.

I call this styling "faux natural" because it allows my relaxed clients to blend in with the "relaxer-free" trend, and no one knows the difference!

Monday, February 1, 2016

3 Years Six Months Loc-versary Curly Edition

My Sisterlocks lined up with my eyelashes giving me the illusion of lash extensions. Hmmm. I may consider experimenting!

Taking down my Bantu knots a few at a time!

Half way to final styling!

Viola! Three years and six months!

Curly loc styling by Benita Blocker!