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Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Seven Years Sisterlocks Loc-Versary

It's seven years this month for my Sisterlocks, and I am showcasing seven looks!

The weather sometimes just drop all my curls out leaving it straight.

I have to bantu knot my hair at night to maintain some texture for the next day.

Lady in red.

Yes, I can touch the bottom of my hair.

My hair is long enough to tie in a knot in the crown from the sideburns area.  It gives me a partial updo.

I have been sporting a lot of Ashley Stewart fashions lately.

A fresh wet set service delivers the maximum amount of curls.

How did I do?  I heard "Sisterlocks" are now the local trend.  I guess-I was ahead of the curve. I still self maintain my own locs. Happy Number 7 for me! I will continue to check in once a month.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Rape and Kidnap Survivor FOUND healing through Hair

Some raw truth about my background.

As a rape and kidnap survivor with my first physically intimate experience being with my assailant Mark Lee Murray III who I am actively pursuing more charges against, I was left with trying NOT to be afraid of men.  So much pain associated with failed relationships was compounded through decades. When I left corporate America as an IBM Staff Software Engineer to become a Hair salon owner, it started a new journey for me.

Sometimes I felt like the "original sidechick."  Oh, the untruths that men tell.  In my adult life, I have always been heterosexual.  Not bi-sexual or any other type of sexual.  

So what does hair have to do with all of this?  Well, as I discovered that hairstylists were supposed to "help women keep their men horny!"  In other words, I was feeling challenged with the task of helping other women "please a man."  "Broken me" had to overcome my own tragedy with men to help other women keep theirs or find theirs.

Then through my clients who believed in my healing hands for hair and their love for their husbands - it gave me a new outlook. There are some women very happy with their spouses; they wanted to keep their husbands; and I wanted to help my clients keep these rare "good men" happy.

Many readers, at this point, would begin to question did I have a father figure? Yes, my dad was a respectful dad which made me to think that I could trust other men would be respectful. Unfortunately, my naivety and sheltered upbringing allowed me to be preyed upon.

Some readers at this  point may wonder about me desiring someone else's "good husband." I have always respected marriage and with such tragic experience with physical intimacy, I definitely had no interest in "taking anyone's man."  Truth be told, there are no "perfect marriages" nor "perfect men," but there are some "perfect matches" that God joined together.  I have no intention of interfering with God's plans.

So I actually found new goals as a hair salon owner, let's keep these husbands happy by keeping their wives' hair healthy and growing.

That is still my goal with my Applebaum Hair Growth Club to help women find their "best self" in the area of hair through consultations, hair panels, and speaking engagements.

With that said, this natural hair movement is NOT working for everyone. Why wear hats and scarves when crochet braids and/or relaxers are excellent options?  

All my consultations for new clients require prepayment of AHGC consultation fee.  Thank you to all my existing clientele for making me to be the best global hair professional in the world!

Shedding the present light on some of my dark past.