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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Six years Sisterlocks Anniversary

July 2018 marks six years Sisterlocks loc-versary!

I have enough length now that I could try loc petals or any other mock- short loc styling. My length frames my face.  It is no longer at an in-between stage.  I consider them long Sisterlocks now. I do see more gray hair coming in, but I am not planning to use any permanent haircolor.  I just don't want to compromise my hair integrity. So we will see how my "wisdom strands" arrive!

I am still loving my gray outfits, and I am still embracing a cleaner eating lifestyle.

I still use Herbalife collagen beauty booster in my daily tea cocktail.  It's anti-aging, and it works!

When it is time for a shampoo, I have been using hydration sprays and hairsprays for shine and hold.

Can you believe it has been six years? My locs are light and fluffy when they are clean.  I can not imagine having loc extensions added onto Sisterlocks.  I would think that those who start with loc extensions will eventually trim away the added hair gradually as one's natural length gains.  The goal is to prevent the hair from feeling heavy. Commercial hair usually carries some added weight.

Thanks for your continued support through my loc journey!  I will try to post a few more hair product discoveries and other non-loc related topics in the near future. I want everyone to find solutions unique to themselves.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sisterlocks Anniversary: Five years and Eleven Months

Trevor Jackson from "SuperFly" movie (2018) at BET Awards 2018 along me dreaming.

Yes, five years and eleven months ago, I got my Sisterlocks established.  The loc Journey was my best fit for my hair and my lifestyle.

Yeah, my Sisterlocks are have their "hang time" in the back.  

They are actually long enough to tie the start of a shoestring for a partial up do.  I keep sitting on them as far as my back goes when I am seated. I am trying not to stress them.

I still like my locs down versus updos.

I really need to shampoo at least once a month. When my locs are clean and lightweight, they naturally bend with my head.  My weekly workouts and the summer heat makes me second guess shampooing, but I think my Sisterlocks really don't look as healthy when they get too sweaty and heavy.  Just food for thought.  I am a continuously tightening up the roots every week.