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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Review: ORS SheaLicious Hair Conditioning Cocktail

 I received a sample of the ORS Shealicious Hair Conditioning Cocktail at the Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair  Show in Atlanta in April 2015.  Usually, I do not condition my hair because I do not want it too soft when I am trying to hold curls.

Well, it was time to try this cocktail out because one of my clients was "eyeing" it as soon as I got back from Atlanta last month.  Nope, I was not giving my Shealicious hair cocktail away.

The oil scent is "tamanu & black currant oils."

The cocktail seemed to stimulate my scalp.  It absorbed nicely into my locs without applying any heat.  I rinsed thoroughly, but I did feel like some of the cocktail may have lingered because as I was drying for my final styling I would occassional get runoff water/oil down my forehead in the front.  The Shealicious definitely made my hair/locs feel softer.

 So the instructions require you to pour, mix, and apply.  I mixed the cocktail in the container prior to my shampoo service.

I believe Sally's Beauty Supply is supposed to carry it before the end of this year 2015. Shealicious is a fun concept that looks like a yogurt, but it is a hair conditioner!  I can see kids and adults wanting to try it.  I assume that different oils may be packaged based on the scent.  I would definitely try it again!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Saltwater: Hair Dehydration and Breakage!

Salts are used to cure or "dehydrate" meats as well as to de-ice in the winter.

So as you are enjoying scuba diving, snorkeling, and other water sports at the ocean, please pre-treat your hair!  Those with permanent hair coloring definitely should be on extra alert!

Try to pre-condition the hair with coconut oil before going into the ocean.  Swim caps may also be an option for those with relaxers and permanent haircolor.  A spray leave-in conditioner like the Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1 Miracle worker can also be beneficial to spray throughout the day.

Last year, I definitely saw some breakage from those clients returning from saltwater activities while on vacation.  I just made the connection this year after reviewing one of my clients' profile to trace back where we saw a drastic change in her hair.   Then in my notes, I realized that we relaxed her hair right after her return from a vacation full of water sports.  I only wrote down the "vacation" trip, but I asked her recently if she remembered much saltwater getting into her hair.  The more she pondered, the more she realized that the areas of her hair that we saw the most drastic change was where the hair probably absorbed the most saltwater.

Swim caps may not protect the hair line from the saltwater, but I really encourage extra care with your hair if you are enjoying the ocean.

Have a Great Summer!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mental Health and Hair: The Waist Length Identity

No, it's not a hairpiece!  It's a big knot that I had to cut out.

Many people identify with waist length hair.  They may have Latina, European, Indian, etc. descent.  Extra long wavy hair is what their whole family usually identifies with.  So what happens when the hair goes from waist length to barely shoulder length?

This is where I keep a tissue box handy!!!!

Case#1:  When the one goose egg of a knot continues to grow larger and larger without fully detangling in time.  So yes, we had to cut a mound of waist length hair off because we could not  even untangle it with apple cider vinegar.

This hair got so matted and tangled that even the hair clipper would not cut through it.

Case #2:  Medication, relaxer, and sew-in weaves damages and breaks the hair over the years.  Going from waist length to shoulder length hair causes a mental/emotional breakdown requiring the client to consider braids and/or wigs which still may cause additional challenges to growing the hair back to waist-length.

I had both of this cases come to me within a two week period.  I never realized how attached to hair that women of all races and ages can be.  Literally, mental health and hair are definitely connected.  This should be a specialized field that should be taught in cultural diversity classes.  Some Black women should get an extra stipend to keep their hair "European-ized."

The demands of hair can be absolutely minimal when people learn how to work with what God gave them, but it takes patience.

Marriage, Mates, and Natural Hair 2015

(Very happily divorced mainly because I entered into marriage for all the wrong reasons.)

Situation #1
I have had many MARRIED women approach me in public about going natural or Loc'ing their hair, but they can not because their husbands do NOT like "the natural look."  Some ladies say their husbands prefer for them to wear a weave or a wig versus their natural hair.  In addition, some wives have been told that if their natural hair was a little looser then their husbands would be more okay with their wife going natural.  These wives admit that they want to keep their husband happy so they comply.

1) Have relaxers created a fraudulent perception of Black hair?
2) Is it healthy for women to feel trapped between keeping their husbands happy and learning to embrace their God given hair texture?
3) If wigs and weaves are more acceptable than kinky hair, then would shaving women's heads and just maintaining hair replacement/cranial prosthesis make more sense?

Situation #2
Sleeping with a hair bonnet, rollers, or a head scarf is not acceptable by some husbands in the initial years of marriage.  After about ten years of marriage, many of these husbands relax the rules, and the wives are more flexible with doing what is necessary at night to make styling their hair easier the next morning.  We all know that women born with wavy and straight hair naturally gain length quicker and without breakage.  Lower maintenance natural loose hair is always going to be more manageable.  This type of hair does not make the women any smarter, brighter, or more educated.  It just means less to no "bad hair days."

Many Black women turn to loc'ing their hair to achieve the low maintenance lifestyle, but many men still do not like the texture of the hair in locs.  Of course, many men do, but women have to be aware that the lightness or darkness of their skin plays a part in how some men choose a mate.  Hair texture is no exception either.

1) Have successful  Black men become so accustomed to the European standards of a polished image that this mindset plays into how they choose who to marry?  (i.e. Many Black male celebrities choose to marry outside of the Black race.)

2) Do many Black women choose to be single over having to conform to the image that some Black men prefer?

3) Does a man's self esteem really reflect in the way the woman looks that he carries on his arm?

ANSWERS:  I hoping to get some men to weigh in on these situations and mindsets.  Any takers???

On a Separate note: I used ombre lip coloring with a center transition color in my picture above. I needed to remind myself so that I will not look back two years from now and ask about my lip color.

Monday, May 25, 2015

My 34 months Loc Versary

I went to see the movie Tomorrowland on my 34 month loc-versary.  I love my Tomorrowland pin from Regal Cinemas.  It reminds me that I am a visionary.

Also, on this loc-versary, I had another one of my clients to ask if my locs were all mine - I told her- "yep, nothing has been added."

So when I was sporting my yarn unit a few years ago, I was identified with yarn for hair.

When I had "starter Sisterlocks," I  was identified with "those little things in my hair."

Now, I am identified as having "frizz-free" Sisterlocks.  Even one of the vendors at the Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show complimented me for not having frizzy Sisterlocks.  She was actually puzzled as to why she did not see frizz.  All I can say is . . .

It is my hair naturally . . . naturally a phenomenal woman.  

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Head Scarf Remix

 This Hats with Heart Scarf is pre-tied, and it has an elastic band in the back to adjust to every head size.  You may be wondering why I am excited about this scarf?

 Well, it is 100% polyester on the exterior, but it has a 100% COTTON lining.  This means more breathability of the scalp and less sweating.  The more air to the scalp the more hair growth.  For those who already have silk, cotton sateen, or netting that is working for them for night-time, then keep up the good work!  However, if your head is wrapped in 100% polyester all night, then consider these Hats with Heart scarves as an option.

"Hats with heart" specializes in meeting the needs of cancer patients and those with alopecia, burns, lupus and more.  I discovered them at a BellDonna's wig shop in my local area; however, you can order them online at

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Coloring Fusion Strand Extension Bundles

These are i-tip Fusion hair extensions.  Unfortunately, even the darkest color in this particular brand was not the best match for someone with off-black ethnic hair.  So count on some coloring!

I used this Glad Press'n Seal wrap to protect my tray table.

I began unbundling each bundle to make sure all the hair up to the pre-dipped tips got colored.  I used rubber bands and clippies to try to keep the bundles together in a somewhat organized system.

Ignore the colors of the clips and the bands.  I just needed the small sizes to make sure the ends stayed under control.  Most small sizes can be found in the children's haircare area.  Unforunately, I still had some hair extensions to slip through, but overall, this system worked.

I pre-cut all my Sanek professional See-thru foil in order to color one bundle at a time. I discuss this Sanek foil in another article on this blog.  Also, the bundle of hair extensions pictured above had not been untied yet.

The final picture shows all the bundles enclosed within their own see-thru foil.  I used normal haircolor timing, and normal shampooing and conditioning.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Curious About Curlformers on Sisterlocks

Curlformers come in different spiral sizes.  There are also "knockoffs" versions on the market too! 

Excuse the water stains on my face!  This was a wet set.  I did plait my locs before enclosing them into the Curlformers.  I only used two Curlformers because I anticipated a loose wave.  That is exactly what I got on my deep curl pattern.

I probably would not use the curlformers again only because I endured a lot of tension pulling my coarser hair through the Curlformers.  

My slightly larger size locs had to be massaged into the spiral shape because it tried to control the Curlformer.

Overall, it was a great little experiment with perm rods, braidouts, and Curlformers.  
(and another Liquid Chalk color refresher!)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

34 months Sisterlocks Wet Length Check

I am about five days early for my 34 months Sisterlocks Loc-versary, but I just shampooed and wanted to complete my wet length check-in.

Clearly, my Sisterlocks are past shoulder length now so think that I will need to make a  T-shirt with lines on it to gauge my length. Every month maybe overkill, but maybe every 3 months will be ideal for a formal measurement check-in.  Let me think about it.  I wonder do people buy shirts with lines on the back? 

I really, really thank my followers for being a part of my loc- Sisterlocks journey!  It's been interesting to learn about my hair, and I have no intention of leaving you hanging!   I know some of you had been using my journey as the groundwork for your own journey.  Everyone's hair is so different.  I am learning that myself.  I am less likely to even recommend locs now because I can not guaranatee everyone's locs to develop like mine.  I can only say that whatever hair that you had in your baby pictures and your one or two year old pictures give you the best snapshot of your own hair or loc potential.  

Please use your own history as your basis versus my day one pictures on my loc journey.  I had a LOT of relaxed hair that I began my loc journey with, and that may have given many people the idea that my texture was finer than what my unprocessed hair really was. I also really benefited from the time that I twisted my hair versus interlocking it.  It allowed me to bond with each loc in one tightening session.  

As far as my future articles on my hair,  I am hoping to begin focusing more on style crushes.  Showcasing the "locs version" of  "relaxed styles."  So stay tuned.

May 2015: My Three New Opinions on Hair

Two Different tightening techniques on One Head
 April Atkinson of LockStar Salon (Charlotte/Miami) told me a long time ago that she only interlocks hair that needs to be interlocked.  I am happy to say that I agree with her.  I have two different curl patterns on my head, and one of them does not like interlocking so I will not be interlocking every single loc.  The majority of my locs will be interlocked, but the ones in the areas that were tempermental with relaxers will be twisted and allowed to go free style.  I still have not lost any locs but I have 3 or 4 that I am watching like a hawk.  I wrote about them in a previous article on this blog.

New Scalp Scrub Method for me
Also, I have been using my length of my locs to scrub at my scalp.  Since my hair is coarse and wiry, when rubbing against my scalp it feel like a scrub. Laughing out loud.  For you Loc-Sistahs with softer hair - this may not work.  It feels good to appreciate my hair for what it is and not worrying about what it is not.

Learning to love your hair as God gave it to you is a very powerful thing . . . I sincerely hope that more children and adults get the opportunity to embrace it.  

My final thoughts on Relaxing Hair
If relaxers were necessary, then God would have made them Himself.  HoweverI love having relaxers as an option because relaxers allow us "to get in where we can fit in."  Relaxers are a part of blending into society.  When used for that purpose, then they work, but when relaxers are done with hatred for one's own God given hair, then that hatred will prevent one from reaching their full potential as ordained by God.  So Relax hair for the Right reasons - NOT the wrong reasons.

Sisterlocks: No More Bad Hair Days

 Above is my "hair feels soiled and needs to be washed" look!  Not bad- right? 

I put on a black headband and keep it moving.  i.e. Bad hair Day  Below is my "freshly shampooed hair" look with liquid chalk refresher completed prior to the shampoo service.  i.e. the start of my good hair Day!

So if I need to run out abruptly in the middle of the night, my locs are in check!

So if I want to go scuba diving, my locs are in check!

So if I need to pack a suitcase quick and in a hurry, my locs are in check!

Spontaneity . . . bring it on!  My locs are in check!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Bob Haircut by Benita Blocker 2015

 My client gets the Vitale Pro High Comfort Relaxer about every 8 weeks.  She wants to keep her length in the front, and she wants to keep a graduated bob in the back.

Well,  the bob is complete!  Also, since time has passed since we performed her color highlights, we will probably use the balayage technique in the upcoming  highlighting session.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Trending Now: Detangling Brushes

The "detangling brushes" are the latest trend.  There are different brands out there.  They work, but I could not figure out why they work.  Then as I was drawing extension hair through my drawing cards pictured on the right of the Goody TangleFix brush that one of my clients gave to me as a gift!!!! Yippee!!!

Oh yeah,  back to the drawing cards, also called drawing mats, are designed to keep loose hair or hair extensions organized and tangle-free.

All of these new detangling brushes are the same concept as my hair drawing cards which is why they work!

The biggest difference beside the portable size is the softer bristles in lieu of wire.  My drawing cards are made of wire.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sisterlocks Shrinkage: a Closer Look!

This Sisterlocks model just flat ironed the right side of her locs between 380 and 430 degrees to showcase how much shrinkage takes place in Sisterlocks.

The straightening yielded her an extra five or more inches of length and sleekness.  She does have a deep curl pattern allowing it to bend and hold a bevelling.  This is only her 5th or 6th straightening within eight years.  For those with more resistant hair, large Caruso steam rollers were suggested. 

This same model is pictured prior to her haircut.  
I can not even imagine the length if she was to flat iron at this length!!!

Caruso steam rollers may not be as effective with extra long Sisterlocks lengths.  The steam rollers may also become too heavy or too stressful long locs.  Be careful of any added weight to the Sisterlocks.

Shrinkage provides volume in hairstyling, but for sleeker looks, heat is still the "go to" method.  Special thanks to the Sisterlocks model for sharing part of her journey with us!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Justin Kace Magnetic Wristband

Justin Kace Magnetic Wristband in XLarge.

I picked this wristband up at the 2015 Taliah Waajid  World Natural Hair Show. It holds clips, shears, sewing needles, and anything metal so I loved using this wristband during my last sew-in service.  Another stylist at the hair show mentioned a tray that can slide in the slots to avoid putting product on the back of your hands for the old school hairstylists out there.

There are other magnetic wristbands on the market, but this Justin Kace version is the best yet!  When paired with the Kim Kimble toolbelt, I can keep everything on me that I need for one client at a time.  Please see other articles on this blog for the Kimble toolbelt as well as the Clairol wristbands.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Empire: Princess Benita Blocker

My Heavenly Father presents Princess Benita Blocker.

Hair by Benita Blocker

Hair by Benita Blocker

Hair by Benita Blocker

Pictured is how I got started. I used the headband curling technique to achieve this style.  My locs required a couple of hours drying time plus an overnight sleep.  I believe I have talked about this headband method in another article on this blog.  It is a "no heat" styling technique, but it has a long drying time.  Actually, it is probably an excellent workout updo.  Be careful not wrap the hair or locs too tightly around the headband.  You do not want to stress the roots.

I had a mushroom look when I took the locs down from the headband so I decided to go with a side sweep styling.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Loc N : Loc twist wave edge gel

 Finally, I have discovered an edge gel that will even hold my hair down for more than two hours.  Loc N  Loc Twist Wave Edge Gel can be used to tighten locs, smooth edges, or twist hair.

 You can see how this gel does not move in the picture above.  That bubble is where I removed product from the jar.

Amazing right?

Manufactured by Alpha by Design. Formulated in Italy.  Distributed by Cut Creaters LLC.  I Discovered this gel at the World Natural Hair Show 2015.

June 2016 update:  Order from

The manufacturer has also added more information in the comments section.

Taliah Waajid defines A Natural Hair Journey

Timeline description:  
Relaxer touchups -> 
Attempting to fit in with the Masses -> 
Yet experiencing breakage and/or shedding -> 
Pushes one into desperation of a big chop -> 
Thinking the new growth will look like all the curly ladies in the print ads -> 
But the reality is that all natural hair is not elongated and soft -> 
So through research and trial/error, one learns to Love one's own hair.

  • Everyone does NOT survive this natural journey because of peer pressure, lifestyle, etc.
  • Everyone will not have the same natural hair journey.
  • Everyone who learns to work with the natural hair that God gave them often finds a renewal of spirit 
  • and self esteem.

Taliah Waajid is in red attire pictured above 
from the 2015 World Natural Hair Show photo gallery.

Taliah Waajid's hair care line is everywhere.  It is easier to list the places where it is not than to list the places where it is sold.  What an incredible business achievement!  The road has not been easy, but she continues to lead!  Congratulations to Taliah Waajid for being an exceptional pioneer in our natural hair care industry!