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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lock Love: One year and 8 Months Brief Check-in

Pictures are worth a thousand words.  Progression feels good.  I probably need another year and eight months to reach unlimited lock styling.  Many people say that they are liking the loc option, but they want to skip the starter loc phase.  Does that show weakness?  or Does it show strength?

We are such an instant gratification society. Politics rule. As I gain more and more length, my acceptance into mainstream society is becoming more easy.

What a great concept:  Showcasing my own grown hair instead of feeling forced to wear wigs or hair extensions.

I have been hearing more and more people tell me that they can not afford to keep dishing out  for those $300 hair weave every other month.

As the summer approaches, more and more ladies are considering texturizing and/or relaxing this year. Some are also considering locs.

By year end, I got a feeling that I am going to be amazed. I really am not sure of the direction that black hair care will go.  We shall see, but in the meantime, I have quite a few products to talk about in the next week or so!  New leave-in conditioners!!!!!  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Liquid Demi-permanent Color by Beth Minardi

I just had two wonderful color success stories surrounding this liquid demi-permanent haircolor by Beth Minardi.

1) I achieved beautiful lowlights on relaxed and previous lightened hair, and the hair still looked shiny!  I performed the lowlights one week after the lightening, but simply beautiful final results.  I used the 6NB.

2) I had to tone the brassiness of a loc client after performing a corrective color service from an out of town colorist.  I used this liquid demi-permanent color with about 10 minutes of heat since the hair was wet when I applied the color. I achieved fantastic results with the 7ICE and layering of the 6NB.

Because this demi-permanent color uses the 5 volume developer, I still am uncomfortable using it on the same day as a relaxer, but I am excited about testing it on gray coverage for those whose hair is not strong enough for creme demi-permanent haircolor.

The Beth Minardi line does have a cream demi-permanent color as well as a permanent haircolor.  I like the permanent haircolor, but I have not tried the cream demi-permanent haircolor yet.  I was using Goldwell Colorance which is a cream demi-permanent haircolor, but I have not adjusted to their newest Colorance reformulation.

Honestly, the 1:1 ratio is a no brainer.  It is gentle and effective.  I am simply thrilled about this gentle liquid color.

Natural Hair Shrinkage Delivers Thicker Looking Locs


There are many loc wearers that re-twist their locs every two weeks, but if you do not have extra thick hair, then you may be missing out on the benefits of leaving the new growth loose.  In the pictures above, you see my hairline with my new growth shrunken on the left.  The picture on the right or the second picture is where I dry twisted one loc at the hairline.  Which one do you like better? (sorry about the picture clarity)

I personally like the fullness of NOT keeping my roots tightened as seen in the first picture.  I get the most compliments when I embrace my natural  hair as well as my locs.

Now, I will confress that locs need to gain some length to play off your new growth shrinkage.  Your new growth can not be 2 inches and your locked portion only hanging 2 inches.  This would not work. Your mature lock needs to be long enough to control the new growth and hang.

So this thickness tip may not work for newbie loc starters, but keep this loc tip in your memory banks for when you can use it.

Officially, I would consider my hair as medium but coarse in texture. Its behavior is resistant which is why the shrinkage factor works.  So focus LESS on the roots and focus MORE on styling the locked portion of your locs as they gain length! One year eight months for me! No more baby locs!

A Regimen for Long, Relaxed, Color-treated Hair

My client has been with me through thick and thin for the last seven years.  Pictured is all of her own grown hair without any hair extensions.  Do you wonder about her secret to her length?  Well, let me tell you the deal!

1) She does wear a partial sew-in (not pictured), but her own hair is longer than the hair extensions that she wears.  She wears extensions because she want the "Beyonce" fullness and glamour.  And since part of her hair is always braided up and sewn down, it is protected and continues to gain long lengths.

2) She never, never blow dries her hair.  We always roller set, roller set, roller set.  She is used to dryer time, and she brings plenty to keep her occupied for an hour and half dryer time.

3) She is a weekly hair client because she gets permanent color every four weeks and Mild Mizani relaxers every eight weeks.  She needs someone to keep an eye on her hair for treatments and tightenings.  She has Type 3c to Type 4a curl pattern.  Her natural hair color grows in more "salt" than "pepper."  She prefers gray coverage with lighter colors avoiding black and avoiding reds.

4) She does take dietary supplements, drinks a lot of water, and tries to eat as healthy as possible.

5) She does use curling irons and pressing combs for fine tuning of her hairstyle when her relaxer touch-ups are over  five weeks old.  She does not like too much frizz.  Of course, this particular bad habit results in a few setbacks for her hair that is not braided up in the protective styling.

So was her regimen at all a surprise?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

C shaped Hair Weaving Needles

 When sewing extensions, it is good to have at least five hair weaving needles threaded at a time.  However, I would not take the needle sharpness and angles for granted.  All needles are not created equal.

 After going through my needle inventory, I realized that I have two different hair weaving needles from Sally's Beauty Supply with the same item number but the shape of the two needles are different.  One has a deeper C shape to it than the other.

 Hopefully, from the picture above, you can see the difference between the two Sally Beauty Supply C shaped needles.  I purchased these needles some years ago so I do not know which shape is currently being sold in Sally's Beauty Supply.

I purchased some other C-shaped needles from a professional supplier years ago as well, but I found the sharpness of the needle was better on the ones purchased from Sally's Beauty Supply.

Sharp needles are important if piercing through wefts.  Although some hair companies ask that you do not sew through their hair wefts.

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Current Trend of Hair Salons

So the Independent Styling Studios came first, then the haircutting chain salon came next in the shopping center pictured above.  So people have independent hair specialists to choose from in the styling studios or they can go for an affordable, quick haircutting service from a chain salon.  There are plenty of choices these days for hair services.

The traditional hair salons are a dying breed.  Private salon owners nationwide have downsized to a styling studio room to rid themselves of payroll, complaints, toilet paper, and other stylists' attitudes.  However, as new styling studios continue to be built, hairstylists are "studio hopping" around for the latest and the greatest.

For some hairstylists, they are getting full-time jobs outside of doing hair, and they want a professional place to bring their part-time hair clientele to be serviced beside the kitchen sink in their own house.

Only the traditional megasalons will continue their full-service spa and hair offerings in the traditional way that the general population is accustom.

Where do I think the next trend is leading?  Seriously, the styling studios are only one step away from "doing hair at the house."  With the average cost being about $250 per week for the hairstylist, and one does not make money when one is not there, that leaves no room for much vacation or slow weeks.

In addition, with so many of these styling studios being built, they are going to run each other out of business eventually.

The good side of the styling studios is that if you can maintain a strong mix of independent hair stylists without a lot of gossiping, then everyone wins.  The location will attract a lot of walk-in clientele and a peaceful workplace where hairstylists complement each other skill sets and respects each other's clientele.

There will always be people who will go with a chain salon for hair services, and there will always be people who will refuse to go to what I call the "fast food" of the hair salon industry.  There is a need for both types: simple hair solutions and specialty hair solutions.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Locs: March 2014 versus March 2013

March 24, 2014 makes my One year and 8 months  Lockversary. Styling is getting easier because I am not following any rules. I am tackling every section of locs and every loc in its own special way.  I am feeling the texture of my roots and based on what I feel I am making decisions as to what it needs. Because shampooing locs will undo twisting in the areas of the locs that are not matured nor interlocked.

Also, remember 25% of my locs are smaller than the other 75% of my head.  The smaller locs are the ones that were initially done within the Sisterlocks guidelines.  These Sisterlocks sized locs are the ones tucked behind my ear.  They fall differently than the opposite side of my head. So I will forever have two front sides that will behave differently because the number of rows and sizes are different.  I sometimes get frustrated, but it is like surgery.  You have to be content that it is not worse and move forward.  I do not want to double the smaller locs because it is still not going to be symmetric on both sides.  I have decided not to split any locs either because I am definitely too far along in my loc length to deal with long and short locs.  So it is what it is.

The benefit of having the quadrant of Sisterlock size locs in my head is for me to really see if the size does matter.  There are many locticians that believe that locs need a larger base to support shedding hair and the weight of the length of the loc as it continues to grow.  I believe there is some truth to this theory, but it depends on the hair texture.  Looser, medium texture hair may never have to worry about heaviness because of the nature of their hair texture.  Some hair when put into water floats; some hair when put into water sinks.  I personally have both types of hair in my head. I talk about these two textures that I found in my head in my blog article about "lopsided" hair in January 2014. I will keep everyone posted long term.  Since I am constantly reminded every day when I style my hair that I have two different hair behaviors, I will not forget.

The only analogy that I can think of to describe how I feel is this:

What if one side of your head was rolled with "red rollers" and the other side rolled with "teal rollers?" Do you feel me now?  Who would roll their hair with large rollers on one side of their head and smaller rollers on the other side? 

Well, that is how I feel every day about my front locs. I feel lopsided.  Not because of hair texture, but because of loc sizing. Well, enough said.  In the spirit of Throwback Thursday . . .  my March 2013 picture below.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Locs: Achieving Smoother Edges

I confess that I am past due to tighten up my roots again.  The biotin and Viviscal supplements that I have been remembering to take more often are also kicking in with extra new growth.  However, I need at least four consecutive hours to tighten my whole head.  Luckily, I started hand locking some of my roots, but I want to twist all of them at my next tightening session.

But in the meantime, believe or not, the extra wide headband is sooo tight around my head that it is literally smoothing out my new growth in the front.  It is a good thing that I only use this headband at night. It would be too much stress on my hair to wear all day.

Smoother edges give a more polished look when excessive new growth is present. Some loc wearer mist their roots with water every morning to keep the new growth compact.

As discussed in a previous article or articles, some non-loc wearers do not like seeing "afro" roots while loc wearers understand that too much tightening or overtightening weakens the loc and causes other issues.  Of course, there are exceptions to every rule.  For those loc wearers with enough hair for two or three people (smile), then thinning is less of an issue.  Thinning locs can happen to any and every one.  So amazingly, without any chemical treatments, overcurly hair naturally is prone to break without continuous attention to it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Using transparent thread to maintain loc Length

 So I bought some Baby Phat jeans from a consignment store, and they were already hemmed from the previous owner. That is when I noticed the thread was virtually clear and invisible.  The thread was sooo thin.  Wow!  Then I was watching a youtube video of a loctician who recommended using sewing thread versus hair weaving thread to mend dreadlocks because sewing thread was thinner.  However, this transparent thread is at a whole level above what the youtube loctician was even suggesting.  Who knew my pre-owned Baby Phat jeans were going to fit my figure and give me a secret tip for loc repair?

Can you see that the transparent thread is as fine as hair wrapped around my finger?  Amazing! Right?

So I found one of my locs around the hairline that had begun to look "scary thin."  It was going to be a matter of another shampoo service, and this loc was probably going to lose some length. So it didn't look like I had much else to lose, so I decided to mend it in order to maintain my loc length.

 Using the "smoke" (black) colored transparent thread I began to hand stitch the lower half of the loc that I felt was going to break off at next stressful manipulation of it.  The resulting loc is pictured above.  Yes, it looks shorter because I overlapped my hair within the loc.  Then I interlocked the loc at the top where the lock had gaps. Pictured above, you can see the loose gaps in the top of the loc.  I actually used the tapesty needles to interlock this lock.  My previous blog article talks about the plastic tapestry needles.

So I am really, really pleased with my final results of this loc as pictured above.  The interlocking method reinforced the gaps in the top of the loc and the thread will forever support the lower half of my loc allowing me to maintain my loc length.  Yes, the loc looks much firmer now without bulk, without yarn, without any extension hair.  Mission accomplished so far!  I will have to watch this loc for any future changes. The transparent thread looks like hair so palm rolling was not necessary, and blending was a piece of cake.

Small plastic needles for Loc Tightening

 One of my readers (Gale) mentioned that she tightened her locs with a small plastic yarn needle.  So since I had some extra time today, I went into a fabric store.  I found some plastic sewing needles as well as these Super Jumbo Tapestry Needles by Clover Manufacturing Company.

The eye of the sewing needle was smaller than these tapestry needles so I went with the bigger needles since dreadlock retightening was my purpose.

After experimenting with the tapestry needles, I found that the plastic sewing needle would have been better for my smaller front locs.

Overall, I love these plastic needles for tightening of locs.  One still has to be careful not to stitch up an adjacent loc, but there is NO spring clip like the Sisterlocks clip tool that will snap the loc off.

The spring load on the Sisterlocks clip tool has snapped my hair completely off at the hands of a certified Sisterlocks consultant.  It was a starter lock around my hairline.  Hairline hair is always more fragile anyway, but I remember the consultant apologizing about the breakage and continued on using the clip tool through the rest of my hair.

As far as any type of hook tool, one still has to be careful about not adjoining an adjacent loc.

I am pleased that one of my readers mentioned that these plastic needles exist so that I am able to formally share this loc tightening option with you.

For the record, the Sisterlocks clip tool is probably one of the shortest in length as far as loc tightening tools available.

I will continue to add to my collection of loc tightening tools as I grow more loc clientele.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

So are MicroLocks permanent?

The number one question that I get asked about dreadlocks, microlocks, Sisterlocks is "are they permanent?"

Relaxers and any other chemical hair treatments are definitely "permanent."  But locked hair?

Take a look at the above picture.  This is one of my microlocks with a lot of loose new growth.  Can you tell where the more mature part of the lock starts?   Close to my finger right? Well, all of that loose hair above my finger can be easily relaxed, twisted, or interlocked.  So ask yourself does that lock that I am holding look permanent?  Only you can answer that question from your visual observation.

Also, consider this:  If your hairtype is hard to lock, then would not it be easier to "unlock?"

My particular head has two different hair types so the lock pictured above has not wanted to remain twisted so I am going to hand lock it to eliminate the excessive new growth.  Interlocking the hair does complicate "unlocking."  So if you even think that you only want to experiment with locks for a few months, then I would only coil or twist the hair.  I would not interlock nor Sisterlock the hair.

The new growth is still going to grow out  regardless of which locking method is used.  However, twisting the locks would grant you more length if you do decide to "unlock."  Please see my article on this blog about a lock removal tool.

Honestly, I encourage people to try all their natural hairstyling techniques such as twist-outs, braid-outs, etc prior to deciding to lock. Once someone decides to lock their hair, there should be no regrets, only patience.

Locks or no locks, people want to fit in . . .  sometimes finding your own hair regimen becomes your responsibility.  It is trial and error.  Those who are still relaxing their hair in denial that damage may be occurring need to consider switching relaxer brands or possibly going natural.  Hair can be a headache when it is high maintenance. Once locks get some length on them, they become lower maintenance.  Also, relaxers are still working for some people.  So whatever is working, then do not try to fix it!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Lock Styling Decision: Straight versus Curly

The extra wide headband on the left was my old "Sleep cap." It started out the same size as my new "sleep cap" on the right.  Now, that I have started using my new extra wide headband, I realize that it scrunches my locks for me and gives me extra volume.  I am soooo thrilled!  But it got me thinking about the fact that everyone does not want volume and curls.  Some people want flat, straight, flowing locks.  So this "sleep solution" is not for everyone.

I also started to realize that everyone does not need their locks tightened with a lot of tension especially if they want volume.  Also, my natural texture of my hair is a rough cuticle, and most women with my texture seem to always wear their hair curly.  Even five years from now, I do not foresee me wearing my long locks down.  So I have been randomly handlocking some of my locks while watching TV or in my downtime.  I am not worried about using a tool to tighten my locks because I want my new growth to assist in volumizing my overall look.  Curls always hide imperfections, and I am counting on those imperfections to give me volume.

So everyone has to make a personal decision on their routine.  There is no one universal answer.  We all have to work with what the good Lord gave us!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review: Mill Creek 99% Aloe Vera Gel

 So just when I determined that the Trader Joe's brand of 99% pure aloe vera gel was the best.  I find out that Trader Joe's only carries their aloe vera gel seasonally.  So doing the winter months, you are out of luck.

So I made it to The Vitamin Shoppe store to find a 99% Aloe Vera Gel by Mill Creek Botanicals as pictured above.  I love this one just as well as the Trader Joe's version.

It is Fragrance Free, Paraben Free, Glycol Free, and pH Balanced.  In addition, the expiration dates are clearly marked on the packaging. The Vitamin Shoppe says that it carries this gel all year long.  Yes!

This aloe vera gel is great for "wash and go" hair styling regardless of race.

Monday, March 10, 2014

My Sleep Cap: The Double wide Headband

I just purchased another "sleep cap" because the elastic in my current one has loosen.

It is actually an extra, extra wide headband.  I like the texture in them because I do not want my locks to be completely flat.  If my locks are already curly, the grooves of this textured headband keeps the curls in place.  I just stuff all my curli-locks underneath in a circle around my head.

I can only find these double wide headbands in the private beauty supply stores for about $1.50 USD.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Active Interchanging of Locking Methods

After interviewing enough long dreadlock wearers, I have concluded that you can switch and swap between interlocking and twisting the locks without any worries.  Those who have proper Sisterlocks sizing may find that their locks are too small to finger twist.  So true Sisterlocks are not applicable to this article.

However, for all the micro-locks and traditional lock wearers, many people are interlocking their locks if they go swimming or if they are going to participate in water activities.  Otherwise, they continue with palm rolling or finger twisting on a regular basis.  No one seems to find a problem with going back and forth based on their lifestyle.

I personally also started hand (inter)locking some of my locks because some of my locks seem to unravel at the roots quicker than others.  I think it has to do with the two different textures of hair that I have.  So the locks that need help at the roots, I will hand lock some periodically in my spare time, but continue to finger twist all of them during my designated tightening sessions.  We will see what difference that will make over the next five months.  I believe that I am more curious if it will cause an inconsistent look in the lock.  I doubt it based on all the feedback, but who knows .  . .

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Why I Didn't Attend Bronners Brothers Hair Show

Nope, I didn't attend the Mid-Winter Bronner Brothers International Hair Show in Atlanta this past February 2014.  Why?

1)  I paid in advance for a three day ticket last October 2013 but for the professional, veteran hairstylist that I am, who does not party, I did not see three days worth of vendor attractions.  Some of the vendors that I was looking for were not even there.  So I was bittersweet, because it was a smaller show, I met many more people on a more personal networking level, but I learned my lesson not to buy a three day ticket again.  If hairstylists can not find at least $150 worth of deals, then it would be cheaper to wait for the regular distributor to come through one's salon from week to week.

2) I was swamped with clients that Saturday before the hair show, and I just did not have the energy to make the day trip.  Then I had clients scheduled for that Monday as well.

3) Officially, regarding the Holiday season 2013, most every hairstylist saw a decrease in revenue from the previous Holiday 2012 season.  If hairstylists can not get an overflow during the Holiday Season, then the overflow days may be officially over for a while.  Many women are seriously taking hairdressing back to the "crib."  You do my hair; I do yours.  We are going back to pre-Madame C. Walker days.  Less relaxer service requests. Less press and curls.  It's either natural twist-outs, braid-outs, or protective styling.

So where am I going is  . . . The whole point in going to the hair show is to bring back new products and new techniques to the salon.  However, with the down swing in salon services, the Internet educational boom, and the upswing in "DIY" attitudes,  I think all the black hairstylists are confused as to what direction to go.  Weave? Wigs? Natural hair?  or Hang on to the relaxer and roller set revenue which is continuing to decline?

I actually feel that black hairstylists are going to have to cross over into servicing mainstream hair.  Haircutting and color for all hair types should be the new focus. With that said, the need to attend a pre-dominantly Black International Hair Show is becoming outdated for veteran hairstylists.  For new hairstylists, it is still a gem!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sisterlocks-Free for a Whole Year - My Best Decision Ever!

My locks are now over a year and 7 months old however, it was about one year ago when the last certified Sisterlocks consultant retightened my hair.  One whole year of self maintaining my own locks and finger twisting. 

I keep reviewing my old pictures with my monthly check-in's and my head of locks doesn't even look like the same head of locks from a year ago.  I am so proud that I took over my own head of locks.  Otherwise, I feel that I would still be as miserable as ever with Sisterlocks.

The truth be told, there are millions of hairstylists in the world, but it is always hard finding just ONE that is right for you.  So with professional Sisterlocks technicians being so few in number, it is truly an act of the Almighty to find a Sisterlocks technician that wants to partner with you.  God forbid that technician is laid to a final resting place or you have to relocate to a city that does not have a Sisterlocks professional.  You would be absolutely screwed if you have true "Sisterlocks sized" locks in your head.  

I remember countless loc wearers telling me over and over again that they tighten and maintain their own hair.  They say that they can not be tied down to one person to rely on to get their hair done.  Well, now, I get it!

Most people want freedom to salon hop.  True "Sisterlocks sized" locks limit your freedom to salon hop.  So as I reflect back, maybe God knew what was best for me. 

If I had to do it all over again, I would NOT choose Sisterlocks for my hair because I needed to focus on volume at the root; however, I would choose small traditional locs which is overall what I was given despite my Sisterlocks initial investment.

I am scared to imagine my locs had I continued going to my local Sisterlocks practicioners in my area.  No one had any answers for me.  No one could give me any direction.  No one recommended any regimens for my unique hairtype. Everyone just took my money and tightened my hair so tight that when the last consultant tightened my hair but left it looser; I was assuming that she was less experienced, but in retrospective, that was probably one of the best things that she had done for me. Now, of course, I still would not go back to her because she went through my whole head ripping my hair buds off causing me to lose as much as a couple of inches of length from my locks.  I personally just could not win for losing with Sisterlocks.

However, on the flip side, I loved the Sisterlocks four day trainings.  I enjoyed learning more about natural hair.  I enjoyed learning troubleshooting techniques.  I enjoyed learning about the Sisterlocks' company vision.  I received all my Sisterlocks tools.  The truth be told the Sisterlocks' headquarters should probably get rid of the retightening class and just make everyone take the four day course.

As far as the future of Sisterlocks, I am not so optimistic because many hairstylists have tried to duplicate themselves, but ultimately, no matter how much training that you give other hairstylists, they will NEVER replace the original Master.  This is the same with Sisterlocks.  The brilliant select Sisterlocks consultants that are the perfect role model may never be able to fully duplicate themselves without someone falling short.

Well, I am still learning what is best for my hair.  Perhaps there is no one else better to teach me my hair maintenance routine except me.  I believe that locks are like loose natural hair - every one's natural journey will take its own unique path.  If we want nice partings, then someone else has to start the locks, but "DIY" maintenance is truly golden.

Smart Talk about Paraben Free Products

 Take a look at both of these Jane Carter Solution's Wrap and Roll Foams.  Notice a difference in the color of the liquids?  One is more yellowish than the other.  The Jane Carter Solution is a paraben free product line.  Without parabens or preservatives, the shelf life of products are expired much quicker than those with parabens.

The discoloration of the product can be a sign that it is expired.  Also, the smell of the product is an even better sign that the product is expired.  The clearest bottle of foam has a fresh grapefruit smell to it.  The yellowish bottle of foam has a herbal afterkick to it.  It doesn't smell horrible, but it doesn't smell as relaxing to the senses as the clearer bottle.

If you find any paraben free products on clearance, I would definitely smell and analyze the product before buying it.  It is not usually wise to buy paraben free products on clearance unless you know that you are going to use the products up very quickly before they do completely expire.

Review: Vitale Pro 3 in 1 Design Lotion

I love the Vitale Pro 3 in 1 design lotion for smoother hair.  It provides a firm hold, but not a crunchy one.  However, hair that is too underprocessed  or hair that is too porous, the design lotion will crystallize on the hair as it dries.  The crystallization is not bad, but I would be prepared with a creme moisturizer as a final step in case the client's hair does produce some lightweight flakes.

I definitely do not recommend cocktailing any leave-in conditioners nor extra serums with this design lotion.  A little of this lotion goes a long way.  You just have to gradually work the spray in and distribute.

For the roller set clients that this lotion does work for, they love the long lasting hold from setting their hair with this lotion.  It is a "ready to use" formula.  There is no mixing.  I have not tried this design lotion on dreadlocks, and I would be afraid of crystallization in the locks.  So Lock wearers should probably sit this one out.

Type 3 relaxed curl patterns seem to set the best with this lotion.

Design Essentials Colaura Semi Permanent Color Review

Colaura by Design Essentials is a safe semi-permanent hair color, but it does not seem to be long lasting.  The darker colors named "Earth" and "Precision" both eventually fade to a cool (blue or violet) color on gray hair. So initially, it provides adequate gray coverage, but I prefer a hair color to fade to a yellow or brown.

Thus far, I have not found a semi-permanent haircolor to match the old Sebastian Cellophanes semi-permanent haircolor formulas.  The Affirm Moisturcolor semi-permanent haircolors are my best bet thus far for gray coverage on the same day as the relaxers and the fade is warmer than the Colaura brand.

The good thing about the Colaura brand is that it cocktails nicely with conditioners to save a step if a client runs short on time and wants some gray coverage.  I also love the squeeze bottle nozzle design of the Colaura color bottles.  They allow for color application directly to the hair.

Overall, I will not continue with the Colaura color line because I still have Nairobi Semi-permanent TruColors which delivers about the same results.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Antique Hair Clippers and Pressing Comb

I adore antique and vintage hair tools.  Not for use, but for admiration.  Pictured are hair clippers for grooming human beings only from what I have learned.  They only cut one length.  Not recommended for livestock grooming.

Also, an antique pressing comb.  Both pictures were sent to me from a friend .  It is so awesome to look at history.