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Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sisterlocks 5 years 5 months and one million page views

It's another Sisterlocks Anniversary for me - Five years 5 months.  I am hearing some chatter on the grapevine.  Apparently, people are really trying to distinguish their Sisterlocks as an elite status.  So the Sisterlocks pricing in my area is skyrocketing in order to exclude people.  People always want to feel like they are in a hierarchy.  I have raised my loc maintenance pricing for 2018 to make it worth my time.  I have enough loc clients that have been with me for years, and  their locs have matured beautifully.  So I feel more confident that my new pricing is still lower than some of the other competitors.  However, everyone is not going to like my personality, and I am not going to like everyone who inquires about services.  It has to be a partnership.

Now, regarding my one million pageviews milestone, I am thrilled and devastasted at the same time.  I love reaching my one million milestone, but I also realized that my purpose for this blog was to educate people on hair.  I am devastasted to say that my goal seems now impossible because of the number of different textures, curl behaviors, and coarseness.  In 2017, almost everyone knows that there is not a universal answer to hair questions unless it is a compatibility issue with chemicals.  So I will keep this in mind as I return to blogwriting more often.  

Thanks so much for helping me reach my pageview milestone.  Thanks for following my loc journey. Happy New Year! Please continue following me for new direction in 2018!

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