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Friday, August 24, 2018

Sisterlocks Six years one month Anniversary: Imagination

Cheers to Six years and one month Sisterlocks Anniversary!

I was feeling like I could be a James Bond 007 Movie Beauty!

I was channeling Cardi B for loc styling.

I was channeling Janelle Monae for loc styling.

Loc Styling:  Use your imagination.  There are almost no limits!

Want thicker hair? Check out these Don'ts!

2019 Picture Update

I am constantly being asked about making hair thicker.  In previous articles that I posted on this blog, I mentioned consuming Matcha Green Tea for nutritional value as well as allowing the scalp, a living organ, to breathe.

So how about the Don'ts that I feel may be causing some thinning:

  • The Ponytail
  • The Crochet Braiding Hair
  • The Protective Styling (Wigs and Weaves)

The Ponytail

So you have formed that perfect Ponytail that has been preserved for a week or more -  Then when I finally undo that ponytail holder, sometimes an odor permeates with the ponytail release.  This means the ponytail looked cute, but your scalp could not breathe.  Therefore long term suffocating the scalp is going to cause thinning.  Loose ponytails or Loose updos may not look polished, but they are healthier.

The Crochet Braiding Hair

I love the Crochet Braiding services, but most of the hair is not human and does not allow a lot of air to get through to the scalp.  It can be very hot. Less hair installed is better than a thick head of hair.  8inch human crochet hair is now available for those allergic to the other blends out there.  Consider mohawk and short styles.

Protective Styling
Wigs or Weaves, if you can not get to your scalp, then air may not be able to get to it.  This restriction can cause thinning.  So rethink your breathability versus the style.  Maybe consider more special occasion wig/weave wearing.