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Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Salon StoreFront Gets Serious Sunlight!

I just removed the poster on the left from my salon storefront window.  The poster on the right is the original copy of the poster on the left. 

Black and Blue inks remained true in color, but all the other colors faded/bleached to white.

UV Protection for the hair, eyes, and skin should be a forethought versus an afterthought.

Sun Block, Sunglasses, and Hats are friends of the "fountain of youth."

From a business standpoint, be careful of products receiving direct sunlight.  It will spoil the product.

Shower Cap Review: April brand from Dollar Tree Store

The good news is that the shower cap was only $1 USD at the Dollar Tree store.

It also had a terry cloth lining inside of the plastic shower cap.

The bad news is that it was so small that I do not know if my foot would even fit inside of it, let alone, my head.

And the plastic covering tore up before I even attempted to wear it.

Essentially, it was a wasted dollar. Rating: 0 out of 5 stars.

I am not sure if the Dollar Tree accepts returns, but I may spend more time and gas trying to get a dollar refund than it is worth.  So I will just trash it.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Replacement Value: Hair Extension Appreciation

$37.99 versus $57.99 for 14" weaving hair

$20.00 increase within the last five years? for the same pack of hair extensions?  Hair extensions pricing seems to inflate every year.  

When I sell hair extensions, I have to charge based on replacement value.  If I purchased a pack of hair over a year ago, then I probably will not be able to replace the same package of hair at the same price. So the hair extensions are appreciating over time.

The key is having a market to sell to.  I usually keep corporate friendly colors, 1b, 2, 4, and blends.  I also keep a large enough inventory to catch client's attention in order to up sell services.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fresh Twist-Out at Three Years Three Months

Three Years 3 months Sisterlocks Loc-Versary Twist out.

Free Flowing!

Below shoulder length.

Tropical Roots Jamaican Black Castor Oil spray and Foam was used as my setting agent. Around 320 locs - self maintained.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wet Loc Check-in at 3 years 3 months

In three days, my Sisterlocks will be three years and three months old.

It's getting there. My Pre-Rapanzel phase. 

I believe most of my Sisterlocks are definitely below shoulder length.

The back is flowing as well.

I decided to try a "Twist Out!"  Results will be in a separate article.

So why does everyone say that locs are so permanent?  Finally, I realized that they were using the wrong terminology to describe their hesistation with getting locs.  The magic word is "transitional."  The locs are not permanent, but yes, transitioning from locs to loose hair can be awkward from a styling standpoint.  So yes, loose natural hair and loose relaxed hair can transition back and forth to everyone's content.  However, if you add locs to the mixture and then want to go back to the relaxer, then people do not want to see the loose hair overgrowth at the root caused by neglecting the tightening sessions.

Each to his own.  I am still excited about the next few years to come!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fantasy Hair: Basketweave Palm Tree by Benita Blocker

Fantasy Hair Palm Tree by Benita Blocker

I am still practicing what I learned in the Weaven Steven fantasy hair class that I took in August 2015 at the Bronner Brother hair show.

Basketweaving was much harder than I thought.  Nothing about creating fantasy hair is easy.

This is my second attempt at fantasy hair design.  It is my first attempt at this basketweave.

Not bad for a start! 

And I achieved a palm tree design out of it. Hair Art by Benita Blocker.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

White Perm Rod Wet Set on Relaxed hair

Hair by Benita Blocker, 2015

Vertical placement. White perm rods. Relaxed hair.

This relaxed hair blends right in with the Natural hair movement.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Texture Release Curl Shape and Shine Cream Review

Avlon Texture Release Curl Shape and Shine Cream comes in the Texture Release System kit.  

In the past, it has worked well for "wash and go" final styling.  Except now, this new jar seems to be stiff and expired.  Can you see my fingerprint?  I don't remember any other hair product  but edge gel leaving this much of an indentation of a fingertip.

This new jar was just opened and unsealed, and I have no idea what has made the entire contents stiff.  Avlon really was premature to market with its Texture Release line.  It has been one disappointment after the next with this kit.

Hands Up Hair: My First Fantasy Hair Experiment

Hands Up Hair by Benita Blocker

It was my first attempt at building Fantasy hair.  First of all, there is nothing easy about Fantasy hair. I appreciate the artistry that other hairstylists put into designing themes.  I worked on this simple design for a month, and I still plan to build onto it.  The Million Man March 20th anniversary is this weekend.  It is only fitting to post something supporting "Justice or Else."

Basic One Step Smoothing Treatment on Fine 3c Hair

Hair by Benita Blocker

Before Picture

Blow dry results before the Basic Haircare One Step Smoothing Treatment

Blowdry results after the Smoothing Treatment

The final results required blowdrying with a comb attachment followed by a flat iron, and it was worth it.

Achieve Wash and Go Hair by Relaxing

Final Results Picture
Hair by Benita Blocker

The Before Picture

Before the Fiberguard Affirm Mild relaxer, 22 minute process, the client had more resistant hair in the crown area.  She needed more control. I determined that a relaxer application was going to give her the long term control that she desired.  I was right!!!! She was very happy to achive "Wash and Go" hair by getting a virgin relaxer.

She can repeat this relaxer every 3 to 12 months.  Relaxers can be pefect for a natural look without a lot of effort.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Perm Rod Wet set on Loose Type 4 Natural Hair

Final Results Picture
Hair by Benita Blocker

Wet set agent:  Tropical Roots Jamaican Black Castor Oil spray and Tropical Roots Foam.  We also used Beth Minardi Demi-permanent cream haircolor which loosens the curl pattern some.

Gray perm rods on fine Type 4b curl pattern.  End papers were used to control flyaways. And we picked and teased the hair to achieve the final 'fro.  Maintenance: oil sheen it and pick it out.