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Monday, December 30, 2019

Sisterlocks Loc-versary: Seven years five months

 It is my seven years and five months Sisterlocks anniversary.  It is also Holiday time approaching New Year 2020.

I am still trying to find my niche as far as a corporate position or my foundation as an established artist via comedy and/or painting.

Half of undergraduate education is from Clemson University.

The other half of my undergraduate degree is from University of NC at Charlotte.

I enjoyed networking in December 2019 with both circles.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Holiday 2019 Hairstyling by Benita Blocker

Press, Curl, and Cut by Benita Blocker, hair artist

Relaxed hair Blow-dry and styling by Benita Blocker, hair artist

Natural hair roller set by Benita Blocker, hair artist.

Happy Holidays 2019 to the Applebaum Beauty family!

Sisterhood Anniversary: Seven years 4 months

 On this seven years and four months Sisterlocks anniversary, I am focused on hair color (liquid chalk) and body (weight loss).
After and before (shrinking core)

Usually, I post my favorite products around this time of the year, but not this year.  However, I will post some Holiday hairstyles in the next article.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween Edition: Sisterlocks Anniversary at 7 years 3 months

It's been 7 years and 3 months since my Sisterlocks were established. The longer length allows for lots of creativity.

Obviously, I enjoyed Disney's Maleficent movie.

Cardi B inspired: Money and Power (Thanos glove)

Before Cardi B, Janet Jackson was my favorite artist.

Like Maya Angelou and Angelina Jolie's Maleficent, I rise like the "Phoenix."

Monday, September 30, 2019

My Sisterlocks at 7 years 2 months

I made it through my birthday month! I learned a lot about my hair in terms of hydration.  If it will not bend and stay in place then it needs hydration. A "dry curl" spray into the palm of the hand then applied to strategic areas works well with instant styling enhancement. I also applied full makeup with contouring.

 Because I started preparing for standup comedy, I applied strip lash extensions to see how I felt about performing in them. The Faux Mink version were light, quick to apply, and felt good.

So proud that I fought for justice for the young lady on my left. I unsilenced her. I unpacked 1990 and pieced it together. Through modern day counseling practices - I regained my confidence in my decision making. I reaffirmed that I was enough just the way I am. Welcome  Comedienne B'exponential!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

7 years 1 month Sisterlocks Anniversary

My day to day grind requires this partial updo.  At seven years and one month, I don't need a separate barrette.

Playing with semi- permanent haircolor (direct dye)

I don't trust my Sisterlocks with any type of permanent haircolor. Luckily, I don't have a lot gray hairs for my age. The safest color absorbs into my hair just fine.

The longer my Sisterlocks get; I do see the tension at the roots when they are wet or if I am sitting back on them.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Head scarves: History repeats with a modern twist!

Model on right is from Cosmopolitan magazine (August 2019 edition).

As I run my day to day errands, I see a lot of natural hair and head scarves being worn by the masses.  Some are "Aunt Jemima" style, and some are sophisticated with a twist.

I feel like the scarves are being used to hide the "kinks and coils." In my opinion, if one can't wear one's own natural hair with confidence, then they should either relax it or Loc it. By no means should the scalp be suffocated.  Make sure the scarf material is breathable.  Breathable material can be purchased from a fabric store.

Please "keep it cute sis" - Let's let the past trend stay in the past.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Tenth Anniversary:This Blog is Ten Years Old!

Benita Blocker, Blogwriter, 
Educator, Visionary, HairStylist

In August 2009, I was on a mission to achieve my best hair ever and to educate others to achieve their own hair success too!  With countless clients saying, I had "growing hands" and their hair had never been as long as we grew it from a partnership standpoint.  I am so proud to have been a Master Cosmetologist over 15 years.

As far as the blog is concerned, digital pictures were not popular when I started the blog in the early years (2009).  So many of my early articles do not have pictures. My most popular articles as far as blog traffic are from 2011 through 2014, and they include pictures.

I am so proud that the Sisterlocks topic is trending more than ever.  I feel like I inspired those who are a part of the latest wave of interest.  I see starter locs everywhere.  I feel like I was a leader in my own way as far as the corporate world beginning to embrace locked hair.

My blog represents my hair struggle as I was approaching age forty, and my finding Sisterlocks as a hair solution for me. Indeed, I am proud of what I have inspired and achieved with my blog.

August 2019 is the blog's Tenth Anniversary with over 1.1 million pageviews! Please feel free to share your testimonies and favorite article titles.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Seven Years Sisterlocks Loc-Versary

It's seven years this month for my Sisterlocks, and I am showcasing seven looks!

The weather sometimes just drop all my curls out leaving it straight.

I have to bantu knot my hair at night to maintain some texture for the next day.

Lady in red.

Yes, I can touch the bottom of my hair.

My hair is long enough to tie in a knot in the crown from the sideburns area.  It gives me a partial updo.

I have been sporting a lot of Ashley Stewart fashions lately.

A fresh wet set service delivers the maximum amount of curls.

How did I do?  I heard "Sisterlocks" are now the local trend.  I guess-I was ahead of the curve. I still self maintain my own locs. Happy Number 7 for me! I will continue to check in once a month.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Rape and Kidnap Survivor FOUND healing through Hair

Some raw truth about my background.

As a rape and kidnap survivor with my first physically intimate experience being with my assailant Mark Lee Murray III who I am actively pursuing more charges against, I was left with trying NOT to be afraid of men.  So much pain associated with failed relationships was compounded through decades. When I left corporate America as an IBM Staff Software Engineer to become a Hair salon owner, it started a new journey for me.

Sometimes I felt like the "original sidechick."  Oh, the untruths that men tell.  In my adult life, I have always been heterosexual.  Not bi-sexual or any other type of sexual.  

So what does hair have to do with all of this?  Well, as I discovered that hairstylists were supposed to "help women keep their men horny!"  In other words, I was feeling challenged with the task of helping other women "please a man."  "Broken me" had to overcome my own tragedy with men to help other women keep theirs or find theirs.

Then through my clients who believed in my healing hands for hair and their love for their husbands - it gave me a new outlook. There are some women very happy with their spouses; they wanted to keep their husbands; and I wanted to help my clients keep these rare "good men" happy.

Many readers, at this point, would begin to question did I have a father figure? Yes, my dad was a respectful dad which made me to think that I could trust other men would be respectful. Unfortunately, my naivety and sheltered upbringing allowed me to be preyed upon.

Some readers at this  point may wonder about me desiring someone else's "good husband." I have always respected marriage and with such tragic experience with physical intimacy, I definitely had no interest in "taking anyone's man."  Truth be told, there are no "perfect marriages" nor "perfect men," but there are some "perfect matches" that God joined together.  I have no intention of interfering with God's plans.

So I actually found new goals as a hair salon owner, let's keep these husbands happy by keeping their wives' hair healthy and growing.

That is still my goal with my Applebaum Hair Growth Club to help women find their "best self" in the area of hair through consultations, hair panels, and speaking engagements.

With that said, this natural hair movement is NOT working for everyone. Why wear hats and scarves when crochet braids and/or relaxers are excellent options?  

All my consultations for new clients require prepayment of AHGC consultation fee.  Thank you to all my existing clientele for making me to be the best global hair professional in the world!

Shedding the present light on some of my dark past.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Sisterlocks Anniversary: Six years and 11 months

May 2019 Clothier William Wilson Social Event

It is my six years and 11 months Sisterlocks Anniversary.  I am attending more and more social events including Netflix Comedy taping for Deon Cole.

I am still trying to maintain my exercise routine and cut back on complex carbohydrates.  I have been eating Kilwin's chocolate fudge as my dessert in lieu of cake slices, cupcakes, etc.

I've been shopping at the Ashley Stewart store.  The yellow top in the top picture, the White crop bottoms in middle picture and the "tie-dye" top above are all Ashley Stewart clothing.

I have also submitted paperwork to Asheville, NC District Attorney Todd Williams in order to pursue kidnapping charges against my rapist since the 1990 rape charges were dismissed.  It is so interesting how prosecution is more of a political mechanism for people to manipulate to their advantage.  The guilty can buy their freedom or like the case of the Central Park 5, prominence can cage an innocent man. I am hoping to go to trial.  My family and I have suffered greatly over the damage caused from the assault. I will never forget. I am ready to fight for justice if it still exists in the judicial system.

My story:

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Mobile Hair Consultation: A Look at AHGC on the Road!

Applebaum Hair Growth Club Reception

New clients nationwide should expect to receive a warm, professional reception with complimentary tea, coffee, bottled water and/or light snacks.


Most new clients are needing a "listening ear."  Typically, they need short and long term solutions.  Consider me as a therapist for hair.  Don't be surprised that you may leave with a homework assignment to complete after the consultation.

The mirror

We will take a seat at the mirror to really dig into the custom transformation game plan.  If we need to begin hair treatment services, then I can network with local salons in your area for a salon chair for a day.  I would need advance notice for separate hair services. As far as attire goes, hair can be a labor of love.  I can glam up for solution driven visits or just remain dressy casual so that people can feel relaxed without judgment.


As a professional, sanitation is very important. I may have fresh washed salon capes out drying if I am hosting a "pop-up" salon station in the area.

Surprisingly, many people have concluded that Sisterlocks are what I am going to be pushing because Sisterlocks were the best solution for me.  For the record, locs are the least likely solution for most women for various different reasons that can be discussed during a AHGC consultation.  

The Applebaum Hair Growth Club is for designed for LOOSE HAIR solutions.  I have been trained for Sisterlocks establishments, but that loc journey is NOT the intent of the Applebaum Hair Growth Club.  On the flip side, those who are not open to relaxer services are not a good match either.  Your individual hair texture will determine which path that I suggest.

These pictures were taken 19 years apart.  I offer skincare solutions as a part of the AHGC.

 Paypal and CashApp $BenitaBlocker are the current payment options.  Prepayment is required prior to texture evaluation.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Sisterlocks: Six years and ten months Anniversary

Locs versus Wig

This past month I had a lot of events I attended. It was also my six years and 10 months Sisterlocks Anniversary.  I purchased a $30 synthetic wig to change up my look.  I also found a store named Ashley Stewart that has some gorgeous, fitting clothes for my unique body shape.

I enjoyed the Kountry Wayne comedy show in another Ashley Steward top.

I love taking pictures with eagles. There is nothing like seeing his "red bottom shoes."  Awesome, Clean comedy. His sparkling attire lit up my face.

While at the comedy venue, a young lady pointed to me  and said "Grandma, that is how my hair is going to look when it grows out."  I smiled and kept walking.  Honestly, her hair texture was cute, but definitely not the same texture as my hair.  I didn't want to burst her bubble. Her locs will mature differently than mine.

I am really loving Ashley Steward clothes.  I also admire my loc length.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Proven results: Gaining long hair under my practice

Three different (AHGC) clients with relaxed hair.
Applebaum Hair Growth Club (AHGC)

In today's society, social media influencers typically show before and after transformations all in one visit.  That all inclusive one stop is what lures most people in.  My practice is not built on a one day trip.  My three clients' pictured above have long, relaxed hair because we don't "fry, dye, and lay to the side."  I typically underprocess the hair before I would overprocess the hair.  Sometimes clients have to stretch their relaxer services. That means they sport a few more "ponytail days" to maintain the integrity of their hair and maintain their length.  This allows for gaining longer lengths with relaxers.

Over the years, I have learned that some hairtypes are "thirsty" which means that it soaks up the oils from the relaxer and the relaxer base.  Those hairtypes require extra clarification during the rinse out from relaxer services.  The extra clarification is a series of extra steps.  Hairstylists that are interested in learning more about these steps can pay for a consultation with me.

One thing that I decided to change since my Los Angeles trip is to discontinue using brushes/sprushes for relaxer application.  I can elaborate more during a paid consultation with me.

My relaxer clients were gaining length before my Los Angeles trip.  I mostly witnessed haircuts and molding while in Los Angeles. I was hoping for more color technique, but the clientele that class day were all solid black and short.  I always learn something new from every class that I attend.  Los Angeles was no exception.

So for those natural hair clients, I was so proud to see a natural hair client return to me for a service, and she had been FOLLOWING our regimen that we designed custom for her. Her natural hair has continued to gain length without me.  It confirmed to me that when the customer and I establish a regimen and routine that works that includes supplements (regardless of brand) - they are empowered to continue their regimen that works.

This is the basis of the Applebaum Hair Growth Club (AHGC).  There is no overnight magic to gaining length, but I can help people develop a plan to achieve longer God-given hair even if they use wigs or enhancements for glamour purposes.  Every practice is different.  Investing in my practice is an investment into yourself.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Applebaum Hair Growth Club Consultations

Applebaum Hair Growth Club, Founder 
Benita Blocker

The Hair Growth Club is a club where its members are more focused on growing and maintaining healthy hair with or without chemical processing.  You can still keep your personal hairstylist or refer your stylist to me for a paid consultation to learn about my practice and my philosophies. 

In April 2019, I shadowed the RazorChic of Atlanta during her Los Angeles, California tour.

I decided to invest in her practice because it was the closest celebrity alignment that I could find for extension-free hairstyling.  RazorChic of Atlanta (Jasmin) is much more of a barber stylist.  She is a micro-short haircut expert.  My philosophy is to assist in gaining length and fullness so we have two totally different practices.  However, I learned some valuable tips to enhance my own practice from Jasmin.  Those with alocepia who want a tight cut . . . Jasmin is your girl!

Benita Blocker has over 15 years of hair industry leadership.

Members of my hair practice have seen their hair grow to lengths that they have never seen before.  My practice is not about instant "before and after" photos. My work requires a hair partnership starting with a minimum of a three month commitment.  Paid custom hair consultations will cover supplements, products, hair solutions, and hair strategy plans custom designed for you.  You may not like everything I suggest, and you may not like waiting for your care package to arrive within two weeks of your consultation.  You will be paying for my expertise as a hair industry leader.  Therefore based on your own personal consultation, I will assemble everything that you will need for home use and to take your own personal hair stylist.  I do not condone the chair hopping from one stylist to another. So my Hair services are separate cost.  Consultations are about knowledge.  I do not bash other hairstylists.  I offer my philosophy.  Some of my "long hair" solutions involve RELAXER service as a suggested remedy.  I don't care that 90% of the other hairstylists blame hair problems on relaxers.  I DO NOT agree. I DO NOT think locking hair is for everyone either.  I believe in custom solutions.

Why should you pay for my hair consultation or my hair panel "Q and A" participation?
  • My hair blog has over million pageviews
  • I have edges.
  • I have naturally grown long hair.
  • I am a licensed cosmetologist in three states.
  • I have a Bachelor of Science degree from University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Cum Laude.
  • I also have half of my education from Clemson University.
  • My cosmetology background is from the Dudley Beauty School System.
  • I have produced, directed, edited, and hosted my own series of public Access television shows.
  • Continuing Education has always been the core of my longevity within the haircare industry.
How to contact me?  Look for Applebaum's Phenomenal HairCare on Facebook or (hashtag) #applebaumhairgrowthclub on IG  (I do not include direct contact information on this blog to avoid spam.)  You want me.  You can find me.  I have three phone lines . . . and I do Travel.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sisterlocks Anniversary: Six years and Nine months

Six years and nine months ago, I started my Sisterlocks journey.  It is my "Endgame." (I really enjoyed the Avengers movie on opening night.)

Clemson University is part of my education journey.  University of NC at Charlotte is my alma mater as well.  Supported a great cause!

I enjoyed the Queen City Fair in Concord.

I also enjoyed a bowling outing with the Clemson Black Alumni.  I was faking like I knew what I was doing!  Thankful for Lanes with bumpers.  This month was about local activities and great hair! Loving my length!