Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Friday, June 28, 2019

Sisterlocks Anniversary: Six years and 11 months

May 2019 Clothier William Wilson Social Event

It is my six years and 11 months Sisterlocks Anniversary.  I am attending more and more social events including Netflix Comedy taping for Deon Cole.

I am still trying to maintain my exercise routine and cut back on complex carbohydrates.  I have been eating Kilwin's chocolate fudge as my dessert in lieu of cake slices, cupcakes, etc.

I've been shopping at the Ashley Stewart store.  The yellow top in the top picture, the White crop bottoms in middle picture and the "tie-dye" top above are all Ashley Stewart clothing.

I have also submitted paperwork to Asheville, NC District Attorney Todd Williams in order to pursue kidnapping charges against my rapist since the 1990 rape charges were dismissed.  It is so interesting how prosecution is more of a political mechanism for people to manipulate to their advantage.  The guilty can buy their freedom or like the case of the Central Park 5, prominence can cage an innocent man. I am hoping to go to trial.  My family and I have suffered greatly over the damage caused from the assault. I will never forget. I am ready to fight for justice if it still exists in the judicial system.

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