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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thinking about new Haircolor for the Spring?

 It's spring time, and clients are inquiring about new haircolor!  If you see a picture in the magazine that you like, then use it for color placement and styling decisions only.  You should look at a swatch book to see what haircolor choices are available.  Please remember the swatches are on "white" hair so unless you are starting out with "bleached out" hair, then a colorist will know what needs to be done to get you in the family of the color look that you are trying to achieve.  You basically have to decide if you want any reds or coppers present or purely golden yellow or blonde toned down to a light brown.

Everyone except redheads fall into the natural level chart above.  Level 1 is black and Level 10 is a blonde. So as a colorist, we have to get you from your natural level to your desired color.  Sometimes lightener or hair bleach is a must if you are a level one through level four which are all forms of jet black to darkest brown.

Many times with haircolor, it is best to work with your hair's natural color lift and just tone it.  We as colorists just need to know how visible you want the highlights to look.  Subtle? or Showstopping in a good way?

Product Review: Naked Max Premium Foaming Solution

The new Naked by Essations Max Premium Foaming Solution (pink solution) has been working totally awesome for my fine to medium relaxed clientele.  It delivers shine, softness, and some curl memory.  The flat wraps are molding nicely.  The roller sets  have plenty of shine and body.  The instructions say use generously, and I have had no problems.

It has a sweet fragrance, and a nice slip feel to it.  So far, it is a keeper!  I have not tried it on coarser hair yet.  It is something about it's consistency that makes me think that the coarser hair will absorb too much product and possibly crystallize.  I will keep you posted.  So far, I have not seen any adverse results.

This foam is new to the Naked line, so ask your distributor about it because it is not listed in the brochures yet.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

One year Nine months SisterLock-versary

 Well, it's been one year nine months!  Nothing new this month except the KeraCare Ferm Aqualizer spray that I used to keep my Sisterlocks re-hydrated is on backorder.  Luckily, I still have plenty, but I am searching for another replacement for it.  It seems that we always have to have a backup plan.

Forgive my eye makeup - I was hoping for a better match for my eyeshadow color, but judging by this picture, I missed my mark! LOL! Oh well, it's all good.

I think it is harder for me to see that I am gaining length without going back two months, but most people who have not seen me in awhile say "it's growing." I prefer the term "getting longer" but lately, I just being saying "yeah" and on to the next topic of conversation.

Well, until next time!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Intro to the Waterfall Braid

 It's prom time!  I had a request for this Waterfall Braid.  I figured that I would share with you guys this latest trend.  It does not seem to be a new technique, but it seems to be popular.  The online tutorials are great!  It is not a hard technique so it can be done each morning.  Because there is some loose hair involved, I would say the waterfall braid is a one day hairstyling.

A partial waterfall braid looks elegant as well.  It can be secured with hairpins, rubber band, or braided out.  The Waterfall braid can be completed on medium length hair as well.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Intro to the Naked Relaxer System

I attended the Naked Relaxer class on yesterday.  They opened the class up with a prayer.  That's always a good sign!

But on to the technical details, this relaxer system is an (8 minute) time release relaxer designed to give a lot of moisture to the hair. The Naked Keratin Plus Reconstructive Masque is lighter than the Naked Honey and Almond Moisture Whip Conditioner.  So finer hair will benefit from the lighter conditioner. The relaxer itself only comes in one strength along with the sensitive scalp version which the strengths can be adjusted.

The model pictured has wet hair.  The relaxer was completed and neutralized.  The model's hair was flat wrapped with the Naked Max premium foam and dried under the rollaway hair dryer.

 After the model's hair was dried, she received a haircut.

The model's hair was styled using a flat iron to deliver the final finish.

I am not convinced to start carrying this relaxer because this model did not have coarse hair.  I was still unclear as to how much healthier this relaxer is to the other competitors on the market. 

I will continue to use some of the styling products from this line.  I do not have any existing clients that will benefit from this relaxer at this time.

The Essations Soothing Scalp Base is designed not to drip nor run.  Those who sweat a lot may benefit from the product not melting and spreading and becoming messy.  However, it is best to use this base only with the Essations relaxer lines.  I do not think other relaxer systems work with this particular base due to its ingredients.

The Bushy Brows and A Moustache Look

I was having a little fun today!  I found the "Big Shot" mask as I was preparing for a yard sale.  

It is amazing how bushy eyebrows and a moustache can change your appearance!  

There was definitely nothing boring about this momentary break!  Have a Great day Everyone! 

The costume mask consisted of the nose, moustache, glasses, and eyebrows all in one!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Over 40 Different Hair Types

Mizani says there are eight curl types based on their 2012 Natural Curl Key.

Sisterlocks teaches about 18 different hair types in their four day training class.

I say that both companies are falling short on the number of different hair types walking around in the world. 

Based on all the natural hair that I have seen in my chair, I can safely say that there are at least forty (40) different hair types.
So if you look at a ruler or tape measure in inches, I would say that every eighth of an inch spans into a different curl pattern.  So one person's curl diameter may be 1/8" and another 1/4" and so on up until about 1.25 inches in diameter.  Well that gives you at least 10 curl patterns.  Then each of those ten curl patterns are either: deep set or shallow. And then on top of that, they are either stiff/resistant or pliable.  So that makes 10 x 2 x 2 which equals 40 different hair types.

Please note, that shallow curl patterns can NOT be texturized because the curl pattern will go from "shallow" to just plain "straight."  There is no middle of the road with shallow curl patterns.

If you have a deep curl pattern, then a texturizer will make a deep set into a shallow curl pattern.

If you are not sure of whether or not your curl pattern is deep or shallow, then grab your natural hair and slightly stretch or elongate it.  If it still has a wave to it, then you have a deep curl pattern.  If it looks straight with minimal stretching, then your curl pattern is shallow.

Now, shallow curl patterns can be resistant or stiff despite the fact that they are close to straight as far as curl patterns go.  The resistance factor is how strong the hair proteins want to remain undisturbed.  On the flip side, a deep curl pattern is possible that it is pliable and easily straightened.

Resistant hair whether deep or shallow will resist being straightened by heat and will resist being straightened by chemical.

Some resistant hair if texturized will eventually reform into its original protein bonds as if the chemical never even took.  So for some resistant hair, if you do not completely "knock" the "kinks" out of the hair, it will revert back.  Also, please understand that if you are going against the resistant hair trying to straighten it with chemicals or heat, you stand the risk of making it fragile, but it will be straight.

In my opinion, once someone determines that they have truly resistant hair whether it is a 3/4" curl diameter or 3/8" curl diameter, micro-locking by coiling or interlocking should be presented as an option.  Resistant hair will less likely maintain long straight lengths because it will be pre-deposited to breakage due to the processing required to "knock" the kink out of it.

Roller set/wet set are still the best secret to maintaining length, but the hair has to be straight enough to wrap around the roller in a smooth manner which goes back to how effective the relaxer took.

If you have pliable, soft, manageable hair, then maintenance is much easier because the hair is NOT resistant to change.

I would like to conclude with a real life Q and A scenario:

Reader says:
I am rethinking going natural.  It took me too many hours to wash and straighten my hair.  As soon as I finish a few sections, the first ones are back to poof a ball again.  I am eight months post relaxer, and it has been rough.

My response:
Everyone's curl pattern and curl behavior in regards to shrinkage is different. So everyone's natural journey is unique to their hair's unique makeup.  I have seen soooo many different natural hairtypes in my chair that I can safely say that there are probably 40 different natural hair types.  Based on the scenario that you just described, you need two different products to moisturize/stretch then seal it with a defining gel for control.  If that does not work, then you need to consider micro-locking by coiling or interlocking.  If your hair is as resistant to straightening as you described, then you will damage it in order to make it hold straight. Be true to thine self. I have seen darker skinned sisters with loose curl patterns and lighter skinned sisters with ultra coily hair.  Your hair knows what it wants to do.  You either work with it or against it.  After eight months post relaxer, you should know if you can control your hair without locking and without chemicals.  It's all about control.  Otherwise, you start the day with one style and  by the end of the day, you are trying to figure out why there's nothing left of the style.  More bad hair days than good hair days are a definitely a sign for change.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hair Bulbs: Root or Damaged Ends?

Hopefully, everyone recognizes flat iron breakage by now, but I pulled this picture from my blog archive to show how damaged ends can look like a "hair bulb."

What is a hair bulb?  Many people feel that if they pick up a strand of hair from their bathroom floor and see a hair bulb on the end, then the strand was a hair that came from the scalp's hair follicle.  They feel that the "hair bulb" signifies hair shedding which could be normal versus breakage.

Well,  some hair that is broken by the heat damage can look like there is a "hair bulb" on one end, but it really is breakage versus shedding.

Breakage can be stopped.  1) Recondition or Treat.  2) Discontinue use of whatever tool is causing the breakage.

So if you see a "bulb," then please be open to the possibility of the bulb being the results of a damaged end of the hair generated from extreme breakage.  I would suggest a salon treatment for any major hair breakage issues.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Uniform Locs: A Must or Not?

I have heard loc wearers as well as locticians talk about uniform locs versus lumpy locs.  I told my new loctician that I personally am okay with "lumpy locs."  All of my locs are smaller than the traditional locs, and I still have relaxer left in some of my stringy ends.  Even the loc repair pieces that I attached to my bang area had some relaxer left in them which is probably why they snapped off where they did upon the certified consultant's ripping my knots away.

So to make a long story short, I wear an extra wide headband to keep my locs scrunched at night because I want texture and bents in my locs.  So if I have areas where I finger twisted versus interlocked, it is fine with me because I want to see movement and bends in my locs.  The only time my locs look good straight is when they are soaking wet.  Other than that, my locs shrink up and resist gravity.

So "uniform locs" should be a personal decision.  Some people want to eventually cut the relaxed hair/locs off.  I am planning to keep all of my loc length, fat or skinny, it is all good to me.  Honestly, if someone gets a razor haircut on their straight hair, then their ends are going to be thin and wispy, not blunt and not uniform.  So why must locs be uniform?

So I repeat, micro-locks do not have to be uniform; however, the larger the locs, the more lumpy the locs can look.  For example:
This picture from is a perfect example how traditional sized locs emphasize every lump in each loc.  These locs look a little too big to roller set or perm rod or even bantu knot.  So if you have large locs uniformity will need to be addressed.  Overall, this picture of lumpy locs look uniform when looking at them from root to end.  Of course, I do see smaller locs in the front and larger locs in the back.  However, most Sisterlocks are smaller in the front and medium to large toward the back.

For those who do not have my texture hair and curl pattern, then certain interlocking patterns will force some texture into looser textured locs to keep them from looking too stringy.

So again, people need to think "out of the box" with locs.  How do you want to style your locs?  If your answer is long and straight, then you need to keep your upkeep timing and methods consistent for uniformity, but if you are like me, I am always going to prefer some wave or curl in my locs, so don't worry - just be happy!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bang Repair generates Swoop Control

 I completed my dry set bantu knots overnight, and Viola! The two little loc pieces that I repaired in my bang area are giving me a lot more styling control.  I can keep my swoop in place now.  Below, my bang area was always spliting down the center.  I had the hardest time keeping my bang to the side without hairspray!  Now, it is so much easier.

Pictured above is March 2014 withOUT my bang repair.
(Please see my previous article on this blog to learn details of my bang loc extension using my own hair.)

Friday, April 11, 2014

My Bang Loc Extension

 Despite the title of this article, NO artificial hair was added.

 Above is my before picture.  Notice my left eye.  Eyelashes and Eyebrows are my bang stopping points.

 Remember the third Sisterlocks certified consultant that was ripping all of my knots off of my ends?  Well, these are a few of the longer loc pieces that she pulled off from her ripping. So these loc pieces in my hands originally belonged to me.  It is my own natural grown locs that were robbed from me over a year ago.  Okay, I am being a little dramatic, but you get the point.  Anyway, I  used my transparent thread and added my locs back on to the locs falling by my left eye. (Please see separate article on loc repair and transparent thread on this blog.)

Left eye checkpoint again.  Remember eyelashes and eyebrows from above?  Now those same two locs are at my MOUTH and NOSE.  Can you believe it?  In loc growth time, I just added 6 to 9 months of length in less than thirty minutes.  This means that the one Sisterlocks certified consultant set me back six to nine months with her ripping my locs.  Let me calm down.  That part of my loc journey is over.  I wished that I had some more of the longer pieces saved, but I do not.  The rest of the pieces are mostly the knots.  Oh well, I have a longer bang area which will give me more styling options, and I'm excited!  Full steam ahead!  Time to wet set my locs and take advantage of my new styling options!

Introduction: ColorProof Evolved Color Care line

Well, the rumor is that the original developers of the Pureology line (one of my favorites) has launched another product line called "ColorProof."  I finally got to try the SuperRich Moisture component of the line.  The Moisture Shampoo sudsed up nicely to be sulfate free.  The Moisture conditioner also delivers a scalp tingling sensation similar to the Pureology Hydrate conditioner.

As I run out of my Pureology supply, I will probably convert to this new evolved color care line.  I was impressed with the concentration of the product.  A little goes a long way.  I also had one client complain that the Pureology Hydrate shampoo smells like a "patchouli" plant which reminded her of her grandmother.  Apparently, that was not a good memory.  Smile.  Anyway, the Colorproof SuperRich Moisture shampoo smells like "cinnamon."  Hopefully, by the fall, I will gradually phase into Colorproof product line.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Product Review: Naked Detox Clarifying Shampoo by Essations

I am soooo excited about this clarifying shampoo!  It thoroughly cleanses without stripping already delicate hair.  I see glycerin in the ingredients, but NO propylene glycol.  Yes!  Many products use propylene glycol to supplement the glycerin ratio.  Glycerin is a more expensive ingredient than propylene glycol.  So as you would expect, this Naked by Essations Detox Clarifying shampoo is on the expensive side.  The retail 8 oz size (not pictured) runs about $16.00 USD.  That's a conditioner price for most multi-cultural lines.  Anyway, it's worth it!

Relaxed hair, natural hair, locked hair . . . I have used it on all hair types and trust this Naked Detox Shampoo to cleanse the hair without stripping it even if I lather it up more than one time.

Design Essentials have reformulated their deep cleansing shampoo recently, and KeraCare has reformulated their deep cleansing shampoo a few times with different pH values.  Sometimes these companies are just stuffing these new formulations down our throats, and as much as I want to support my distributors who are the middle man, the ecomony is getting too demanding.  We as hairstylists are going to have to stay on the lookout for changes and keep our options open.  At the end of the day, our customers are looking at us- not the manufacturer.  I am getting more and more stylists mentioning to me how the beauty products are failing them.  It could be that the cheaper ingredients are causing the products to expire quicker.  I do not know, but I am keeping my hand on technical support hotlines for these products.  Any questions about new formulations?  Just call the company.  You can get their insight, and they should listen to your feedback to improve their product or at least clarify the directions.

Dimensional Highlights on Relaxed Hair

 Dimensional Haircolor by Benita Blocker. 2014.   My client has relaxed hair and dimensional highlights.  She has been on the Fiberguard Affirm Normal relaxer to control her Type 4a/b curl pattern.  So  can you guess how many color sessions were completed to achieve this dimensional highlighted look?

The answer is in the picture above.  Did you guess right?

The Paul Mitchell Super Strengthner in-process treatment is an important part of maintaining the integrity of the hair when achieving highlift colors.  Any color process that takes a customer more than three color levels above their natural God given haircolor is considered "high-lift."

Clarifying shampoo is also important to make sure that all the lightener is washed out.  Hairstylists need to judge by the feel of the hair as to how much conditioning needs to be done.  I used the Pureology Colour Fanatic spray throughout the hair before applying lightener.  It did not seem to interfere with the lightening process so I may have found another good use for the beautifier spray.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Focus on Military Hair Styling Restrictions

Based on CNN and USAToday recent articles, there is a petition to have the recently updated military hairstyling restrictions lifted. Our military women need your support.

The words "neat and uniform" hairstyling can be associated with a "White Supremacy" mentality.  Some hair types, ethnicity groups, curl patterns are NOT naturally uniform.  Should the military force soldiers to use hair chemicals?  Are wigs more acceptable than one's natural hair?

This picture of the judges in uniform wigs came from the online Wall Street Journal.

Surely, if micro-braids are acceptable, then dreadlocks should be acceptable. The only way to get uniformity is to require wigs.

I would love to be a part of any future military focus groups regarding hair styling.

TAG: (You) Get to Know (Me) Benita Blocker

Hopefully, you will not be yawning for too long. LOL! Kreyola from tagged "boring" me. I have researched the history behind such tagging, and I found that the 21 questions can vary so I am going to play this by ear.

I think the purpose of tagging is to learn more about your author/blogger (moi/me) other than what is listed in the profile.  So here's my 21 questions and answers!  Enjoy!

1. Are you named after someone?
Nope, my parents never mentioned anyone else.  They are pretty independent.

2. When was the last time you cried?
Last week while viewing the Christian based movie "God's Not Dead."  Disclaimer:  I cry in a lot of movies which is why I prefer attending the movie theaters alone.

3. Do you have children? No. Never been pregnant either.  However, I have a niece, nephew, and great-grand nephew.

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
Definitely.  I often dine alone, and when the hostess asks "Will it just be one?" I often say "Yes, I am good company."  Smile.  I have a low tolerance to alcoholic beverages so I do not drink much liquor and definitely no beer. I do not smoke hookah or anything else, and I have two left feet when it comes to dancing.  So I am the official party pooper, but I love me some ME.  LOL! By the way, I do like Moscato d`Asti with alcohol level 9% or less.  5% is better.  I like sweet wines or sweet mixed drinks only.  Are you yawning yet? LOL! Oh, by the way, I do not have any body piercings, not even my ears. I wear clip earrings. No tattoos either! I had permanent eyebrow makeup done once, but I think it has faded away. No plans to sit through that "pain session" again. I also have a nickel allergy so I wear minimal jewelry unless it is pure gold or pure silver. I love speaking about current events so I am a conversationist.

5. Do you have a guilty pleasure?
The corner piece of every birthday cake!  I want maximum amount of frosting. Smile.

6. Do you like your handwriting?  Overall, yes, I have the ability to handwrite in different ways.  So I can always change it up.  It depends on if I am writing quickly or taking my time.

7. What's your favorite cereal?  I do not crave cereals; however, I will grab a Quaker Raisin and Spice instant Oatmeal in a crunch.

8. What's the first thing that you notice about people?  I notice their body language, facial expression, and eyes. I look for their purpose in being in my presence. If I am forced to interact, then I look to see if they are looking at my shoes, my purse, my hair, my car or if they are genuinely interested in my conversation.  I adapt my conversation according to the situation because I meet all types of people from all social statuses.  We all bleed red blood, and I serve only one God.

9. What is your eye color? 
 Brown, and sometimes light brown if I am in the sun a lot.

10. Scary movies or happy endings? Anything but a scary movie. lol!

11. Favorite TV show? None.  I like the Voice and Scandal, but I am not addicted to television.

12. Summer or Winter?  Now, that I have a phenomenal electric blanket, Winter is NO problem as long as I have electricity to power the electric blanket.  LOL!

13. Hugs or Kisses? Hugs are less messy.  Smile.

14. Where is the farthest destination that you have been from home?  Nassau, Paradise Island Bahamas  and Cozumel, Mexico.  Both  trips were cruises, Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

15. Do you have any special talents? I do not think I have any special talents so no, America's Got Talent auditions for me.

16. Where were you born?  In the equestrian town of Aiken, South Carolina.  (Refrigerator Perry and James Brown territory)

17. What are your hobbies? Writing, watching movies, coin collecting and shopping. I do want to learn to swim next!

18. Do you have any pets?  NO extra mouths to feed.  Smile.

19. Favorite Bath and Body Works fragrance? Pink Chiffon

20.  Do you have any siblings?  Yes, Two younger sisters!

21. What are some other career goals? Learn Adobe Photoshop, Digital video editing, Spanish language, and refresh on my French!

So now, It's official - I am so boring.  LOL!  But it's all good!  Hopefully, you are still awake. LOL!

I now tag Bertice of

Monday, April 7, 2014

Expired KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo

 I believe that I bought this gallon size Classic Keracare Hydrating Detangling shampoo within the last two years, but it has expired on me.  It is runny and looks like egg yolks.  It does NOT smell bad which is awkward because people could be using expired product and not know it unless they look inside the container.

 The classic formula is the original formula of the KeraCare Hydrating Detangling shampoo.  They have a sulfate-free version as well.
I tried to take a picture of the inside of the gallon size shampoo, but I could not get the lighting right so I cut the jug open so that you can clearly see what this particular shampoo looks like when it is expired.  The runny consistency is also a sign of expired product.  Fresh shampoo should be smooth and has a uniform consistency.

I had to toss this shampoo.  I will not buy a gallon size again.  I still use a lot of Paul Mitchell and Pureology in my salon.  Apparently, I am not using enough of the KeraCare line to finish the product before it expires.  I could not find a legible batch code on the jug either.

So look for expiration dates and be aware of the consistency of the product for freshness.

Product Review: NuExpressions Scalp-Ale Trio

The NuExpressions Scalp-Ale Trio is a hair, scalp, and body lotion all wrapped into one.  It has a fresh, baby powder scent.  It is not greasy.  Overall, I adore this product. I prefer to use it as a hand lotion, but if one needs to freshen up their locs without using anything too sweet smelling, then this is a quick fix.  It is hydrating to hair and scalp without any heavy build-up.  It is a lotion consistency for those who prefer lotions over sprays. The fragrance is neutral enough to be unisex. The whole family could use it. It retails around $14 for an 8 ounce bottle.

Product Review: Pureology Colour Fanatic Spray

The Pureology Colour Fanatic Multi-tasking Hair Beautifier Leave-in Spray has been bittersweet for me.  Initially, I loved it, and then after my extended use with various clientele, I found the spray could cause some dryness on relaxed hair.

So What I liked about the Colour Fanatic Spray is

  1. It smelled like a sweet perfume which reminds one of something "expensive."
  2. It detangles relaxed hair very well.
  3. I can feel the strength in my clients' hair after completing their blow-dry service. 
So What I DO NOT like about the Colour Fanatic Spray is
  1. It has sodium hydroxide listed in the ingredients list mid-way through.  Sodium hydroxide is lye, and long-term, all hair products with this ingredient can have diminishing returns over the long haul.
  2. The strength that it leaves in my client's hair can also be drying to the hair.  If you have an oily scalp naturally or you keep your hair moisturized, then this potential drying effect may not be a huge deal breaker. However, if you are a mininimalist, then this multi-tasking spray may be more than you bargained for.
For the right person and the right service, it is a great spray.  I can see using this spray for the following services:
  1. Pre-protection on the hair ends before relaxing the new growth if the hair is already tangled from a curly style.
  2. Used as a cutting lotion for over-porous hair.
  3. Used as a leave-in conditioner along with a soft setting agent to wet set the hair.
I will continue to evaluate this Pureology Colour Fanatic Spray for different purposes.  I think that I will finish up the bottle, but unless I nail a definite reason to keep it in my rotation.  I will not be purchasing it again.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Interesting Mentions for April 2014

 I am not sure if this picture has been photoshopped, but if it has not, then I would need to make sure no backpack or shopping items are undercover. LOL!

On a separate note, vending machines are now selling everything from hair extensions (not pictured) to natural hair products (pictured). Wow!

And finally, I saw Carol's Daughter hair products as well as Brazilian Blowout hair products sold in Target stores.

I found all of this to be interesting and worth mentioning.

Full Circle Back to Sisterlocks

 Surprise!  I have a new Sisterlocks consultant now!  I know- you are thinking- What? How?  Okay, here's the short story.  I met this Sisterlocks lady at a restaurant about two years ago- BEFORE getting Sisterlocks. She gave me her business card.  It said Registered Sisterlocks Trainee.  Then I could not find her on the Sisterlocks website.  Then I called her, and she did not realize that her name had dropped off the Sisterlocks registry.  So I held on to her business card, but I felt uncomfortable not selecting someone from the webpage.  Well, as soon as I settled on a recommended Sisterlocks consultant, I tossed this inactive Sisterlocks lady's business card in the trash.  Of course, everyone knows my Sisterlocks journey went sour, and I could not remember if I still had the lady's card or not.  Anyway, I could not find it, then I ran into one of her clients. Her client gave me her number, but I forgot to save her phone number. Good Lord.  I had lost her phone number again.  Then finally, I met another one of her clients.  I got her phone number for a third time.  I made sure that I saved her number, and  she completed my Sisterlock retightening session today.  Oh my God, I feel like I hit the lottery.  My head doesn't feel tight.  She did not go through ripping my locks out.  It was just perfect.  I even taught her a few things for dry setting her own locs.
 I think the fact that I knew my hair, my locks, and what is working for me probably made all the difference in the world.  I even showed her how to repair a lock with the invisible/transparent thread.  I actually think that she may be able to team together with me to get full head installations completed in less time.  It is soooo great to have someone else to finally start taking over my hair.  It is great that she was open to learning about what I have learned.  God may not come when you want Him, but He is always on time.

My year of finger twisting was great because it allowed me to learn my hair.  My locs naturally did not want to stay twisted so every time that I washed them they were becoming looser at the roots.  Of course, some of my locks did fine with finger twisting, but for the majority of my locks, hand locking myself or having someone else interlock them seemed as if it was becoming the best solution.

As you can see, I am not too scalpy in the back of my head. So even though this consultant is inactive; I am the most please since I began my Sisterlocks journey.  So how do I feel about consultants who are inactive with Sisterlocks?  NO problem for me anymore.