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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bodiphier Touchup and Alkalinity discussion

I completed my Bodiphier touchup this week. I have to admit that I had two shampoo services within about three days of the Bodiphier touch-up. I gave my scalp one full day of rest before performing the touch-up.

To my surprise, I did experience a tingling/burning with the touch-up. I remember the water during the rinse prickling my scalp in some areas. So I did burn. However, I did not scab up.

I talked to the founder about my experience. He assured me that there was not sodium hydroxide present, but the alkalinity of the relaxer as a whole could cause burning in sensitive scalp clients.

I have an extremely sensitive scalp. I can not take a regular lye relaxer past five minutes. So I was a good test person for the Bodiphier's ability to burn.

I am still content with the Bodiphier relaxer. I just know that I need to give my scalp the traditional three day wait after shampooing before I touch-up again.

My main reason for all the shampooing was because I was going back and forth between the "wash and wear" styling and the pressing. I wanted it to be pressed and free of any styling products in order to complete the touchup.

I still have some straighter ends from the initial Soft and Beautiful Texturizer. I will eventually cut them off but not yet. Smile.

Overall, the Bodiphier is still the best option for going back and forth from straight to curly.

Chris Rock's "Good Hair" Documentary

I saw the movie on Friday night, October 23, 2009 in Charlotte, NC. It was an opening night.

I found the movie to be insightful, entertaining, and somewhat educational. I also feel that everyone who sees this movie will take away a different message and opinion.

I was literally in the audience during the Bronner Brothers hair Battle that Chris Rock featured.

After seeing the beginning to end of each competitors show in 2007, it was interesting to find out in 2009 what played into the judges' decision. CLEARLY without a doubt the BEST hair stylist of the four stylists competiting was Jason Griggers i.e. "the white stylist." Jason's skit was a little slow and a little too provocative; but who knew what was the criteria to win. After seeing "Good Hair" -- I now know that Jason was set to win until Derek J found a loophole in the competition and had a whole marching band come through the audience. It was amazing. I remember that Battle very clearly.

Also, I had no idea that Raven Symone wore extensions! Too much information. Smile.

But on a separate note, prices that were quoted in the documentary was based on a 2007 market. So if there are any hairstylists leaving out of the movie ready to become a "weaveologist," please know that the demand and pricing is much MUCH different now than it was then (2007). Not to burst any aspiring weaveologist's bubble, but you probably already "missed the boat" on making any real money in the "weave industry."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bodiphier Relaxer Touchups

Hey! I am still enjoying the Bodiphier natural relaxer. I have quite a few clients in the product now, and they are enjoying it!

After enjoying the benefits of the Bodiphier myself for so many weeks (six weeks so far), I almost forgot about the additional touchups that are needed. The new growth still needs to have a regular touch-up schedule if you are wearing the Bodiphier in a thermally straight capacity.

If you are "wash and wear" then you can push the touch-up out as long as you want. However, if you are pressing your hair out, the new growth reverts much quicker with the humidity as to be expected; and you can be prone to popping the hair off just like any other relaxed hair in need of a touch-up.

So if you are pressing; please keep your Bodiphier touch-up at regularly scheduled intervals. About every five weeks would be safe. My touch-up is scheduled SOON! My new growth is in full force. I can only tell when I pressed it out on Sunday and my roots stayed straight for about a day.

Is this process more expensive to keep up than the traditional relaxer? Yes, it is. But remember, you can "wash n wear" at anytime so you have the choice of TWO Looks after every shampoo! Either press it Straight or crunch it curly!

Water: The natural moisturizer!

After interviewing a lot of naturally kinky hair women, and 90 percent have to wet their hair everyday just to get the moisturized look. Most have a water spray bottle that they use to control the wetness.

I was tickled to learn the similarities of non-relaxed hair. Naturally straight hair people mostly have oily scalps, and they have to shampoo their hair everyday to control the weight from the oil.

A daily dose of water is becoming more and more common across all cultures.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hair Business

The movie "Good Hair" by Chris Rock was released in D.C. , L.A., and ATL. I am looking forward to watching it in a few weeks if it comes to the Charlotte, NC area.

I attended an Essations class on yesterday, and the educator mentioned how the relaxer process was put into a negative light during the movie. He also mentioned that naturally curly hair was hard to control which was why the relaxer became so popular.

So the natural hair trend for some will end eventually, and the relaxer will be popular again!

On a separate note, hairdressers are seeing a "market correction" in their business. The good stylists are seeing "cutbacks." Mediocre stylists are just totally getting "cut out."

Support your stylist by coming into the salon to be serviced looking like your hair does not even need to be done. That means wrap it/roll it/pin curl it the night before the hair appointment just like you usually do! It just reaffirms the other clients. Your stylist will thank you!