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Monday, August 15, 2011

Relaxer Service: From Texturized to More Texturized

Yes! I caved in. It was time to relax my hair. I was a little sad, but I have a hair show coming up as well as some other business meetings. Although, nappy hair has nothing to do with my IQ, it has a lot to do with sales and decision making. In addition, I got so tired of people going into culture shock over my type 4c hair. Black people are not used to seeing their own African ultra curly texture. My hair kept shrinking on me. Even texturized some, it was a "bear" to control. Every time it shriveled up, everyone kept thinking that I cut my hair. When outside of the flat iron damaged pieces that break off, all the rest of hair was still there - just tightly coiled. So I could not take the stares that I had been receiving- plus my virgin new growth was a full inch in some places so I had an afro underneath of my texturized hair.
I used the Chi Deep Brilliance SUPER strength. My hair is resistant as you can see. I am still not bone straight, but most Type 3 clients never get bone straight when relaxed. I think that we have been brainwashed to think that our hair needs to be relaxed bone straight.
I still have a sensitive scalp. I based my scalp really well and let it distribute onto my scalp. I put protective solution on my ends. I self-relaxed trying to avoid touching the scalp until the last possible pass through.
About 20 minutess later, I started to feel the burn. Thank God that the Chi Deep Brilliance relaxer is a conditioning relaxer. It seems to have a delay before potential scalp irritation starts. I had completed a relaxer strand test a few days prior to self-relaxing to see how Super strength would do to my hair. Please see my separate article on "saving shedded hair for testing" as well as an upcoming article on showing the results of the relaxer strand test.

The "BEFORE" pictures show how unruly my hair had become. People are not used to seeing this hair. The "AFTER" picture is above and is more socially accepted. Hey! I still have some waves when it is wet. So I may work the "wash n' go" regimen when I can. However, I did trim/cut to get all the rigid ends off. I was trying to keep the ends from catching on itself. I still may get a little more cut off. We will see.


  1. I significantly updated my Chi Deep Brilliance relaxer product review article. Please see separate article. I will also post another article soon on "Relaxing two days in a row." My hair in the back was too underprocessed. It was starting to revert the next day. So I successfully relaxed the "back half" of my head only on the next day. The back still has some "curl" to it.

  2. Fast Forward, the True Indulgence relaxer is the way to go! Tried the mild and regular strengths! It delivers great shine, reasonable straightness, and no burn! Hello! My search is over. Please check out my review and other articles on the True Indulgence relaxer system. Oh yeah!