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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Night Sweats? Alternative to Satin Pillow Covers!

Feeling like a slave to the satin pillow cover? I have. I had been sweating fiercely this summer on my "polyester" satin pillow cover. My clients reported sweating as well. So here is the next level of hair protection while sleeping . . . The buckwheat hull pillow and cotton sateen pillow covers.

Cotton sateen is more breathable, and it is smooth like satin. The buckwheat hull pillow conforms to the head and neck for comfort. The hulls allow air circulation, and the pillow can be refrigerated to make the hulls cool. Cold therapy should only be used after seeking medical advice.

The hulls should also absorb any sweat. I am excited about my new pillow and its benefits. I watched a youtube video to assist me in choosing a good pillow. The key point that I remembered was to purchase a pillow with a zipper opening. As the pillow ages, the hulls may become flatter or less dense. The opening in the pillow will allow me to add more organic buckwheat hulls as I need to.

Price: Pillow plus cotton sateen pillow cover is about a $100 investment.

Those who are allergy prone should seek medical advice as to whether or not this pillow will trigger an allergy attack.


  1. Hi Benita,

    If night sweats are a problem, please check out Dry Babe. We make fun & flirty sleepwear for women with night sweats.

    Wendy Collett
    Owner/Founder/Night Sweat Sufferer

  2. Hi Wendy: I checked out your website. Consider becoming a follower of my blog. Unfortunately, only my top half of my body will fit into your garments. Also, the technology made into the garment would only benefit me during the summer-time because I am not menopausal - just hot from polyester/satin and 800 thread count sheets and trying to conserve on using the air conditioning. Smile. I will leave your published comment as a courtesy to others that may be menopausal or experiencing night sweats all year long. You may consider using a curvy fit model for more pear shaped garments or maybe offer a baby doll style top without the bottom. In the meantime, please invest in the buckwheat hull pillow and let me know what you think? Thanks for visiting and please visit often!