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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nappy Love Seems to be Conditional

"You is kind. You is beautiful. You is important." This phrase was repeated over and over in the movie "The Help." No matter what your race; No matter what your hair type is; No matter how much you weigh. "You are kind. You are beautiful. You are important!"

When schools were integrated, some Whites began teaching "self-hatred" versus "Black Pride." Blacks are still hating on each other. I witnessed a "sistah" describing another "sistah" as looking like a "wooly mammoth." This comment although it was not directed at me, it ripped me to the core. Where is our Black pride? Why do little black girls think a blonde wig is "good hair?" God created all hair types, and God made no mistakes.

As an intelligent, college educated, self-employed Black woman whose hair in its natural state is probably a "wooly mammoth" would never want to trade places with anyone else. My IQ and beauty has never been defined by what is "socially acceptable." If I need to change my image to fit into society, then that is a choice that I make to play the game of politics. Young ladies must find their inner beauty before they can change their outer beauty. Outer beauty will get you in the corporate door. Your intellect will always keep you above your counterparts. Earn your college education from colleges that are held as prestigious; you will need paperwork to back your intellect. Always dream of your destination, and then plan to get there. Sometimes there is no room to bring "all your friends" along . . . just get there, then you can send for them later. My message is about self-esteem. It must be maintained at all times. As far as finding a hairstylist for those special days, look for a hairstylist that has hair texture that is at least as tight as yours. You will not be able to tell by looking at their hair. You have to ask questions about their relaxer frequency and natural curl pattern. I have to laugh at this point because men rule the beauty industry, and they do not have to grow their own hair. I personally no longer allow any stylist to touch my hair that does not have hair like mine. I have been the most pleased with my hair since I stopped allowing other stylists to do it. I still have not met another stylist in this business who has hair like mine and who has a kind heart. I attended the Bronner Brothers hair show this past weekend, and I did not see a single stylist from my area. This was sad. I have always tried to remain leading edge within reason. I wish there were more stylists that felt the same way in my area.

On a separate note, pictured is two different mannequins. One mannequin has silkier hair than the other. I recently bought the more textured hair mannequin because it was on my wish list. The salesperson said that I can relax it, but I have no intentions of doing so.

In addition, while I was at the hair show, I noticed many stylists. Some had photo shoot ready hair. Others, simply had an afro or colored locs. If I dive deeper into my observation, I will say that hairstylists fall into only two categories: 1)Low maintenance hair (i.e. men and women that don't have a sensitive scalp) or 2) High Maintenance hair (i.e. women with a sensitive scalp.)

I have grown out many women's hair to "bra strap length" (BSL) with Type 4 curl patterns, but they were not sensitive scalp as far as relaxers. There is still a gap in the industry. I asked Johnny Wright about Soft Sheen Carson's new relaxer and scalp sensitivity. I felt that he gave me a generic answer of "Yes, it has been tested on sensitive scalp, and there is less discomfort." Of course, he seemed to be on the defense. I really felt that he gave me a "blow-off" answer. The company gave us a sample pack of the relaxer system. I will try it out eventually and form my own opinion.

I am really about advancing the beauty of women regardless of race. I am also about increasing self-esteem. I covered a lot in this article. Hopefully, some of it is food for thought! Make today productive!

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