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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

My SisterLock Installation Preparation Pack!

Oh my goodness, tomorrow is day one of two days of a 20 - 24 hour SisterLock installation. 400 to 450 micro-locks to be installed. Okay, I have been preparing for this!

1) 12 hours of video/movies! -- Check!

2) Tissue box in case I get teary eyed from the movies! --Check!

3) Aleve - in case I get a headache! -- Check!

4) Ponytail holders to pincurl and bundle as she completes each section! -- Check!

5) Ouidad Botanical Curl Spray - to wet my bundles and set the curls into the SisterLocks -- Check!

6) Dried Apricots and Fruit and nut mix for snacks - Check!

7) Breakfast sandwiches - so I do not have to stop for breakfast. Just microwave - eat and go! -- Check!

Not pictured: Wig, scarf, or headband to get me through day one in which only half of my head will be completed. Wink.

Okay, stay tuned. I will post my new SisterLocks style within another five days! It may take me about three days to adjust to the new Sisterlocks.

Regardless, Hair Freedom - here I come!!!!!!!!! Yeah!

1 comment:

  1. My Sisterlock consultant warned me against using the curl spray because it may interfere with my locks maturing. Also, I did not like those breakfast sandwiches.