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Monday, August 17, 2015

Bronner Brothers August 2015 Hair Show

The August 2015 Bronner Brother Hair Show showcased names like Paul Mitchell and Kim Kimble.  It also highlighted manufacturers:  Design Essentials and Avlon.  The classroom assignments were easy to find.

This particular show had a "mainstream" feel to it like a Premiere Orlando or ISSE Long Beach.  However, the size of the show was much smaller than ever before.

When I saw that a "Fantasy Hair" class was being offered for FREE, then I was sold! Bronner Brother August 2015 Hair Show was the place to be.   Ampro Gels and "Weaven Steven" did not let me down.  I literally have been praying that I could find a class on fantasy hair, and my prayers got answered.  I was inspired and empowered at this show. I only attended the event from 11am to 4pm. I completed two classes.  Mixed Chicks had one about embracing curls along with the Fantasy hair class hosted by Ampro Gels.  After my free classes, I was back on the road before traffic got too bad in Atlanta.  

Another "Weaven Steven" hair artwork: Bird of Paradise.

Pictured is the scene at 11:30am on a Sunday.  I decided not to pay $40 to go onto the exhibit floor because I felt that I could get products shipped directly to my salon for about $10 in shipping charges.  I also had no intentions of spending hundreds of dollars.  I used to plan for $100 to 300 spending budget, but in light of the hair trends now, half the women in the USA are NOT even wearing their own hair.  

And those who are wearing their own hair, I have seen so much variety in hair that the trend seems to be "NO consistent trend!"  My most popular salon request is crochet braids, but honestly, I have not put forth the effort to master the technique because I do not think it looks natural on people.  It is cute, but most times, the technique screams "not mine" which seems to be a trend as well.  I personally am not ready to attach my name to the latest trend.  The fantasy hair pushes creativity for special occasion hair and hair competition.  That excites me!

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