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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Design Essentials have Three Edge Gels!

2 hours later and my edges are still under control . . . Which edge gel did I use?

Design Essentials has these three edge gels:
  1. Sleek Edge Control
  2. Sleek Maximum Strength
  3. Natural Edge Tamer

The Sleek Edge Control and Edge Control Max are in the Design Essentials purple and white line. The Natural Edge Tamer is in the Green and Gray "Naturals" line.

 Well, my new love is the Design Essentials Natural Honey and Shea Edge Tamer!  It tamed my edges the longest that any edge gel has.  It is clearly the leader so far.

As you all know, other edge gels would not hold my roots past an hour.  This Design Essentials Natural Edge Tamer is definitely superior for hold on my type 4c resistant hair.

It is very clear and has glycerin and honey in it.

Honestly, I don't think Design Essentials need three edge gels.  Why? If anyone is trying to tame their edges then it is probably because their relaxer touch-up time is approaching. The extra texture that they are seeing is "natural new growth" so in my opinion, everyone who wants smooth edges can just use the the edge gel in the Design Essentials Natural category.

I have not tried the Sleek Edge Control nor its Maximum Strength, and I do not plan to offer it in my salon unless someone gives me a good reason why.  

On a separate note, the edge tamer gel can look a little "cakey" when other products are on the hair.  It may be a deal breaker for some and not a huge deal for others.

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