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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Braid Review: Bijoux Xpression Collection

 This extra long jumbo braid was perfect for those with natural hair who want a "goddess" wrap-around look!  I had to blow-dry the natural hair client first then integrate the X-pression braid into two big cornrows ending in the back of the head.  I had to braid the remaining 100% Kanekalon fiber and wrap the decorative braid around the entire head.  The left braid wrapped counterclockwise, and the right side braid was wrapped around the perimeter of the head in a clockwise direction. So the final look of the finished style had three cornrows stacked.  I did not take a picture, but I will take a final photo with the next client that I give the hairstyle or I will reproduce on a mannequin.  The look is similar to the picture below.

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The X-pression Collection braid is Brushable, Tangle-Free and 100% Kanekalon.  Since it is extra long in length and I am not a professional braider, it was easy to tangle this braid if you are not used to manipulating the jumbo braid.  I was able to brush and comb through it for a nice look. The price is about $4.99 USD at the local beauty supply store.


  1. Please see my separate blog article on the Braided wraparound hairstyling using the Janet brand of the Expression jumbo 3x braid.

  2. The newest Bijoux Expression braid is 84 inches and you only get about half the amount of hair in the pack for the same price. So people will have to buy two packs to equal the one pack that I had in the old packaging. No wonder people are concerning RedHeart yarn as a braiding option.