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Monday, November 11, 2013

The Unexpected Dreadlock: Removal of Commercial Hair

So you just took out braids or a sew-in weave and needed a relaxer the same day?  Have you ever had an unexpected dreadlock to form and attach itself to your own straight hair after the shampoo rinse?

Remember that a dreadlock is formed with shedded hair compacting and swirling around.  So if you have braids in for a couple of months, then you have a couple of months of shedded hair that has to be released from your head in one setting.  Can you see how an unexpected dreadlock can form?

So try to make sure your hair is detangled very well before applying a relaxer or shampooing the hair.  If the hair is just hard from spritz, then wet or rinse it first.  Once the hair is soft enough, begin combing it out with a wide tooth comb before shampooing it.

If you have your hair cornrowed or canerowed underneath a sew-in weave, then try not to shampoo but every other week.  Shampooing the hair too often with the hair braided down, sets or locks in those braids.  You can start to form an unexpected dreadlock just by shampooing too often with hair braided down.

A chelating shampoo is highly recommended under these circumstances.  A protein based shampoo will usually seal the unexpected dreadlock into place and you would need a low pH conditioner or apple cider vinegar rinse to assist in releasing the dreadlock from the ends.

For many of you, you are probably having an "Aw-haw" moment.  For those who have not experienced the "unexpected dreadlock," then count yourself lucky!

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