Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Team For Real Girl - I Love My Hair and Me Seminar

An all day event featuring hair styling demonstrations, skin care knowledge, image consultations as well as a lot of giveaways.

I only had three hours to attend, but I wanted to share with you two things that I was fascinated with:  1) Bantu knots styling and 2) Strawllers wet setting.

 Founder of  For Real Girl, Angela Holland unveils a bantu knot styling demonstration on her model.  The model has never had relaxed hair.

Angela uncoils each bantu knot, one by one.

The model's hair begins to fall into a full bob. 

 The model's final styling includes a hair accessory called "Kinkabands."

I completed a talk on locks and completed demonstrations with the stocking cap wig and the interlocking method.  The audience enjoyed the presentation and  left with a lot of natural hair knowledge.

Now, for the most exciting discovery:  the "strawllers."  They appear to be elongated magnetic rollers that  extend 5 inches or 8 inches long.  The straw sets inspired the inventor to make them.    You can find out more at  From the online videos, you just treat them like a regular magnetic roller except you have more surface area to spiral the hair around.

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