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Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 2013 Hair Confessions

My Confessions of the Month:

1) I had been totally against coloring my microlocks until this weekend when I had an "Aw-haw" moment.  As my microlocks get longer, the years of shedded hair compounding into each microlock is going to make my microlocks heavy.  By lightening/bleaching my microlocks, it will make them lighter in weight as long as I am not re-depositing "artificial" color back into it.  So permanent haircolor is not an option, but hair bleach is.  The timeframe to make this happen is probably another year out.  I want enough length that if I get breakage in my relaxed ends that I will not feel like I am going backwards.

2) I have been secretly admiring The Vitale Pro High Comfort Relaxer System.  I wished that I had tried the VitalePro relaxer before locking my hair.  I even thought about putting this relaxer around my edges to see my scalp and hair response to it, but I am too afraid that I may get chemical residue in my locks. So I will have to secretly admire everyone else who is benefiting from this relaxer system.

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