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Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why force Dreadlocks into Straight hair?

As you know, I plan to get my hair "SisterLocked" soon. SisterLocks promote themselves as a "lifestyle" not a hairstyle. This picture is NOT SisterLocks! SisterLocks are much, much smaller in size, and they are designed for those born with "kink" in their hair.

People born with straight hair or loose curl patterns that want a neater, slightly smaller lock can consider the Interlock method as recommended by the "KeepItKinky" e-magazine.

You may be wondering why do I have this straight-haired woman with dreadlocks on my blog??? Well, I do not like the dreadlock look. I am only choosing the SisterLock method because they are micro/small in size, and one can barely identify that they are locks from the distance. The SisterLocks are very feminine, and I can say "good-bye" to relaxers forever.

So my question is why would a person born with straight hair want matted dreadlocks? I do not get it! We as Black women constantly struggle with trying to keep our "nappy" hair straight by either relaxing it or pressing it, but to see a White person backcombing to force "kink" into their hair is unnerving.

It is an awakening to know that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder . . .

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