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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SisterLocks: Showing length in bundles and rods!

Please bare with me - more articles to come that are NOT SisterLocks related! Smile. I have been trying get the hang of my SisterLocks so I figure I would share this last SisterLock article before I start working on some other topics!

Well, it took 38 ponytail elastic holders and about an hour to get all of my SisterLocks bundled. Can you imagine walking out of my SisterLocks installation with all those straight locks?

Anyway, I shampooed my Sisterlocks for the first time in the bundles. It went well enough. The leftover relaxed ends seemed to try to stick together. I was told by my SisterLock consultant that it was best to wait until the hair was dry to detangle. So I set my SisterLocks on perm rods and sat under the platform dryer. I slept in the curled bundles. I then used Jane Carter Solution Hair Nourishing Serum to separate the bundles and curls the next morning.

I kept the serum on my ends only. Looser curl patterns probably should not use the serum because looser curl patterns are hard to lock on its own. However, my kinky curl pattern, was starting to look too dry, and I wanted something lightweight to run through my ends. I did not add anything to my scalp. Can you see the length when they are all curled up? I definitely look forward to growing them out!
I have received a lot of compliments from other ladies mostly clients and co-workers. I also have received compliments from men who were into natural hair. In another year, I should really be more comfortable with my SisterLock styling. I will keep you posted, of course!
Apparently, every week and every month, the SisterLocks will be changing as they grow out. This picture is around 2 weeks old!

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