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Friday, July 6, 2012

Perm Rods: From Straight to Curly!

So how many of these blue perm rods does it take to roll a full head of hair? (The answer is at the end of this article.)

I had to complete a "curly perm" or a "permanent wave" on an elderly client recently, and I realized that the blue perm rods deliver the best curl pattern for anyone who wants a head full of curls. Our main purpose for applying the permanent wave solution was because her naturally straight hair would not hold a roller set for more than a couple of days, and she was homebound. So we still roller wrapped her hair after the neutralizing of the perm solution, and her final styling was soft and curly.

As I was rinsing out the perm rods to store them again, I decided to count them. I counted 58 (fifty-eight) blue perm rods. So was your guess close?

Timing to roll equated to parting time plus end paper wrap and perm rod roll. So about 35 minutes to roll the whole head is reasonable if all other conditions are in your favor like no interruptions!

This service is not designed for those with naturally curly hair although many people interchange the terms "perm" and "relaxers." Perms and relaxers are too different chemicals that serve two different purposes. Although one could argue that "perm" means "permanent" but then the question to ask is "are you going for permanently straight or permanently curly?" Most hairstylists can read your mind on this one!


  1. I guessed 100, lol. I know, if done properly, this process will take a lot of rods.

    I'm curios as to what type of "permanent wave" did you use on your client.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi energize: I used the Quantum perm (medium to firm) because client did not use haircolor.

  3. How long does hair have to be to perm on blue or yellow rods?

  4. As far as these blue rods, two to three inches of hair seems to be perfect. You can cut the hair after the perm procedure if necessary.