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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fray Block: Lace Front Wig Cutting Suggestion

Fray Block is designed to keep fabric from unravelling after its been cut, but I used it to seal the hard, prickily lace front fabric on my synthetic wig. You may ask why is that important? Well, the lace front fabric sometimes felt like a"knife" on my scalp, and I noticed some breakage. I felt that the rough edges from the lace front was cutting into my hair. I tried black bonding hair glue to seal the lace front edge, but it seemed to leave residue in my hair if I sweat.

So I tried the fray block, and it seemed to eliminate the pain that I would sometimes feel from the lace front wig fabric. You can pick up the "fray block" from the fabric store and follow the instructions for use. It is best to experiment on some old fabric to get an idea of how runny the product gets, the drying time, and how clear it is after it dries.

Also, using a razor to cut and smooth the edges after the fray block has dried is a good way to eliminate "prickly" areas around the hairline of the wig.

Please note that "high end" lace fronts will not need any fray block. Typically, the lace is softer and more delicate. However, the cheap wigs are going to have "cheap lace" material attached to it. Lower prices means that the quality is sacrificed, but not necessarily the style.

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