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Sunday, December 28, 2014

When to Reupholster Salon Furniture?

 My salon chairs are aging after 10 years of use.  Based on the picture above, new chair? or old chair with reupholstery completed?

Well, you probably guessed right.  The picture above is the "before" reupholstery of the bottom seat.  Nice.  Right?

I made a decision to start the reupholstery process after speaking with an expert at AFH Custom Upholstery and Decor in North Augusta, SC.

My current styling chairs are welded, heavy duty chairs with extra wide foot pedals on the hydraulic assembly.  The newer chairs are not built to sustain people pushing 300 pounds or more.  My chairs support all size people.  So it became a "no brainer" to hold onto my high quality chairs.  I just need to have them reupholstered for a fraction of the cost of getting a new one that is not even built to last.

AFH Custom Upholstery and Decor completed the one chair for me and kept the pattern on file to gradually get the rest of my same exact chairs completed as my budget will allow.  By completing one chair, it allowed me to have a proof of concept, and it works! As a luxury decision, I may change up the chair color scheme, but for now, I just prefer to reupholster the bottoms.

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