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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Final Review: Avlon Texture Release New Formula

 The new formula of the Avlon Texture Release system is in a spray bottle. Pictured above is the new bottle versus the old squeeze bottle.

My client's hair is resistant based on the amount of shrinkage that she has, but her curl pattern is a 4a/4b in various areas.

 My client is natural, and she maintains her own hair at home.  Her hairstyling is the results of a twist-out.

 This is another "before" picture of my client's hair from the back.  Again, her hair elongation is from a twist-out.

 Pictured above is her hair after the Avlon Texture Release service.  Her results are silky but not bone straight.  Due to the fact that she has resistant hair, the Texture Release system serves more as a texturizer. This is the finished product as far as straightness is concerned.  A titanium plate ionic flat iron was used to achieve this look.

My client and I were pleased with the final results and pleased that her hair is going to be more manageable for her own home maintanence.

As far as my personal preference, I just purchased another smoothing system that I have yet to try.  The Brazilian Blowout system really spoiled me from a simplicity standpoint, but it scared me from a health standpoint.

The Avlon Texture Release system is designed to be healthy for the professional who works with it, but it took three and half hours to complete this service.

I am hoping that the new smoothing system that I just got shipped in by yet another company will be a happy medium between healthy application and a quicker process.

Special thanks to my model/client Sierra!


  1. Ideally, I would have offered more curl in the hair for the final styling, but because her hair was resistant, I felt that leaving it as straight as possible would be best for her hair to retain its memory to stay straight. In her first shampoo at home, after her four day wait, she can decide on wash and go styling or pressing it back out.

    With the Brazilian Blowout process, I would have had to rinse the hair and condition it one last time and then blow-dry/style which would be done quicker because the hair would be more manageable from the treatment infused into it. However, with the Texture Release system, they do not insist on this final step.

  2. Hi. Should in shampoo my hair as usual after this treatment or use something specific to return my curl?

    1. Misting your hair with water will allow your curl pattern to show again. If you need to shampoo, try Avlon's MoisturRight sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner line.

  3. Thanks. Not many stylist in my area use this system. So I am having a hard time getting info on the upkeep. If I want to get it again in 10 to 12 weeks. Does my entire head get reprocessed or is it like a relaxer and you get the new growth processed? I loving the loosen stretch curls I have. I thank you for the info you provide.

    1. It is my understanding that the product will be applied all over, but the ironing should be concentrated on the "new growth area." The product is designed to disappear over the months. However, the heat from the ironing may be a little more permanent. Care needs to be in the ironing and number of passes in the previously treated hair. I hope this helps. Otherwise, Avlon Industries may have a consumer hotline to answer questions as well.