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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Decision-making: 3 pattern versus 4 pattern

I had a new Sisterlocks client to come in for a long layered loc haircut.  I also was able to assist her with her future self-tightening plans.  She told me that she had a "long" curl pattern which means it is more wavy than it is coily.  She also revealed to me that she was using a four pattern, but recently switched to a three pattern because she was told that was the "new trend." However, she was noticing more and more frizz coming from her Sisterlocks.

I informed her that a three pattern on a "long" curl pattern allows for more slippage and movement within the loc creating more volume or fullness.  However, this volume may look like frizz for her hair type.  I advised her that if the four pattern was working for her then stick with the four pattern.

We should not follow trends for maintenance.  If a regimen is working for you, then do not change it.  Of course, you may never know if there is something better out there if you do not try new things.

Also, she admitted to using the Sisterlocks Green Tea Shampoo which is mildly alkaline, and it seemed to create even more frizz.  I was able to sell her the Sisterlocks Salon Shampoo Concentrate which is slightly acidic, and it is designed to help control frizz in medium to loose wave patterns.

I have taken the Sisterlocks training so many times that I have a lot of the knowledge strongly embedded in my brain.  Having a completely new instructor on my third training made all the difference in the world.  She was more versed in different hair types.  My original instructor was good, but in retrospect, some of the techniques that she taught us was not applicable to all hair types.  It worked on the loose texture of the mannequin head as well as for looser hair types similar to hers, but not necessarily for those with an Afro puff to start out with.

I am so happy that I invested in the Sisterlocks class over and over again.  The third time with the instructor that I got was by far the charm for me.


  1. Wow! 3x! You go 'head then…I ain't mad at cha!. Good advice!

    1. Love ya too! LOL! Thanks for the feedback!