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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Product Review: Naked Detox Clarifying Shampoo by Essations

I am soooo excited about this clarifying shampoo!  It thoroughly cleanses without stripping already delicate hair.  I see glycerin in the ingredients, but NO propylene glycol.  Yes!  Many products use propylene glycol to supplement the glycerin ratio.  Glycerin is a more expensive ingredient than propylene glycol.  So as you would expect, this Naked by Essations Detox Clarifying shampoo is on the expensive side.  The retail 8 oz size (not pictured) runs about $16.00 USD.  That's a conditioner price for most multi-cultural lines.  Anyway, it's worth it!

Relaxed hair, natural hair, locked hair . . . I have used it on all hair types and trust this Naked Detox Shampoo to cleanse the hair without stripping it even if I lather it up more than one time.

Design Essentials have reformulated their deep cleansing shampoo recently, and KeraCare has reformulated their deep cleansing shampoo a few times with different pH values.  Sometimes these companies are just stuffing these new formulations down our throats, and as much as I want to support my distributors who are the middle man, the ecomony is getting too demanding.  We as hairstylists are going to have to stay on the lookout for changes and keep our options open.  At the end of the day, our customers are looking at us- not the manufacturer.  I am getting more and more stylists mentioning to me how the beauty products are failing them.  It could be that the cheaper ingredients are causing the products to expire quicker.  I do not know, but I am keeping my hand on technical support hotlines for these products.  Any questions about new formulations?  Just call the company.  You can get their insight, and they should listen to your feedback to improve their product or at least clarify the directions.

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