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Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Full Circle Back to Sisterlocks

 Surprise!  I have a new Sisterlocks consultant now!  I know- you are thinking- What? How?  Okay, here's the short story.  I met this Sisterlocks lady at a restaurant about two years ago- BEFORE getting Sisterlocks. She gave me her business card.  It said Registered Sisterlocks Trainee.  Then I could not find her on the Sisterlocks website.  Then I called her, and she did not realize that her name had dropped off the Sisterlocks registry.  So I held on to her business card, but I felt uncomfortable not selecting someone from the webpage.  Well, as soon as I settled on a recommended Sisterlocks consultant, I tossed this inactive Sisterlocks lady's business card in the trash.  Of course, everyone knows my Sisterlocks journey went sour, and I could not remember if I still had the lady's card or not.  Anyway, I could not find it, then I ran into one of her clients. Her client gave me her number, but I forgot to save her phone number. Good Lord.  I had lost her phone number again.  Then finally, I met another one of her clients.  I got her phone number for a third time.  I made sure that I saved her number, and  she completed my Sisterlock retightening session today.  Oh my God, I feel like I hit the lottery.  My head doesn't feel tight.  She did not go through ripping my locks out.  It was just perfect.  I even taught her a few things for dry setting her own locs.
 I think the fact that I knew my hair, my locks, and what is working for me probably made all the difference in the world.  I even showed her how to repair a lock with the invisible/transparent thread.  I actually think that she may be able to team together with me to get full head installations completed in less time.  It is soooo great to have someone else to finally start taking over my hair.  It is great that she was open to learning about what I have learned.  God may not come when you want Him, but He is always on time.

My year of finger twisting was great because it allowed me to learn my hair.  My locs naturally did not want to stay twisted so every time that I washed them they were becoming looser at the roots.  Of course, some of my locks did fine with finger twisting, but for the majority of my locks, hand locking myself or having someone else interlock them seemed as if it was becoming the best solution.

As you can see, I am not too scalpy in the back of my head. So even though this consultant is inactive; I am the most please since I began my Sisterlocks journey.  So how do I feel about consultants who are inactive with Sisterlocks?  NO problem for me anymore.


  1. I can see the different with your hair!!! The sides are so neat! I never had a problem with inactive consultant on the website. I was always more word of mouth kind of person with everyone I deal with. When I go shopping, I look at reviews. Even though this new consultant you have (congrats by the way) is not register on the site, you can tell she takes PRIDES in her work , and I take that any day over a consultant that is register and do shoddy works.

    1. Yay! and Amen. I totally agree. I am usually a rules girl, but exceptions seem to be the treasure sometimes.

  2. Full circle indeed!!!! What a journey you've been on! Happy to see you are happy! (and your sisterlocks sho nuff look happy!) Congratulations!

  3. My consultant is inactive and I would trust her over many of the other active ( not all). To me it's about personal work ethic and integrity. Once you learn the system you are forever a consultant. All the other stuff is for the politics of the business and revenue-fair enough, but not necessary to maintain a head of SLs. New things are taught etc…but I like the fact that the inactive ones many times will do what's best for YOUR head and not stick to the strict rules. None of us are the same, it's important that someone is skilled enough and knowledgeable enough to think outside the box..just like your threading and finger twisting. It worked for you and IMHO you STILL have SLs and no one will ever change that! Pow!