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Friday, December 2, 2011

KeraCare products keep changing ingredients!

KeraCare product line changed the formula of some of its shampoos a few years ago to make them sulfate-free. Many of the hairstylists began complaining about the new formula, so KeraCare re-entered the old formula back onto the market as the "classic" formula. Now, I realized that the original "sulfate-free" 1st Lather shampoo has changed ingredients since it was first introduced into the market. The pH is also different. Some bottles of the sulfate-free First Lather shampoos have a "6.5" pH and some bottles have a "4.5" pH.

I wonder what are the rules of changing the ingredients of products, but they still market the products as the same product?

For instance, I did an article on how Nexxus Humectress changed their ingredients over the years. Recently, I also noticed that Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam eliminated an ingredient Lawsonia Inermis(Henna) Extract as well as changed their dispenser top for this foam.

I suppose the manufacturers do not want to pay extra money to re-package or to bring alert to minor ingredient changes, but major ingredient changes should be marked on the packaging as a courtesy to the hairstylists in case the ingredient change affect the results in their client's hair. At least, they will not have to be surprised.

Physicians don't expect their prescription drugs to change in midstream. Why should cosmetologists have the "switch-a-roo" done to them?


  1. I really do not like the new consistency of the KeraCare sulfate-free first lather shampoo. It seems to "glob" and not penetrate in the hair. The shampoo probably does suds more; but I feel that a lot of product globs are going down the drain before getting to the hair. The shampoo does not emulsify well within the hands. The good thing about this sulfate-free 1st lather is that it seems to gently clarify the hair despite the tremendous amount of effort that it takes to work it through the hair for the first wash. On a separate note, I noticed a consistency change in my Bonder neutralizing conditioner that goes with the True Indulgence relaxer system. I am waiting to hear back from the rep about whether it is an accident or did they alter the formula. Hairstylists must pay attention to the products that they are being sold. You are the "first line" in the beauty industry. I am always looking for other options in case a company discontinue something that I like.

  2. I purchased my 3rd jar of Keracare Butter Cream just recently My 1st order came from the LookFantastic site because I used to get their beauty boxes, they sent me emails on other products they carry. Everything was fine, just what I wanted, pure white, rich and moisturizing. The last order was from Amazon, and the jar looks the same, but the product is completely different! It has a yellowish color and the texture is more like a pudding. I used this product in conjuntion with my clear gel for my natural hair style. My hair is pure white, so I can only use products that are clear or white without getting discoloration. I began getting white hair at age 15 yrs. Do you know anything about a formula change for this Butter Cream? or is this an off seller product sold on Amazon. Thanks.

    1. Hello Anita J! Check the batch code with the manufacturer. The Product could have expired or had environmental damage. That's the best advice that I can offer. Thanks for writing!

  3. Hi Benita..THANKS for responding. I think your info is right on point. I decided to try ordering this product again (Keracare Butter Cream), since I love it so much. I recvd my new jar today and the first thing I noticed was the color. It was white again! Hooray..The formula has definitely changed, however, perhaps this creamier version was preferred. The original was a glossier white. If that makes any sense. And the texture super smooth. It worked well with my gel product and accentuated the coils. Can't seem to get that anymore. ANYWAY..Thankfully I can use this version.