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Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 2011 Relaxer Touch-up

I'm a little exhausted from the start of a full week, but the relaxer touch-up application went well. I had the hairstylist to use the Design Essentials Regular relaxer with shea butter and olive oil. (new improved formula) I was happy that I did not burn. Surprisingly, the back half of my hair still seemed resistant. So thank God it was not my imagination. The stylist agrees that the back half of my head does NOT want to relax as quickly as the front half of my head. She also mentioned that five weeks should be a good touch-up timeframe for me. I had a lot of new growth for under 7 weeks since the previous relaxer touch-up. We did roller set my hair with the Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner. Also, we trimmed /cut again.

I am pleased with the Design Essenitals Shea Butter and Olive oil relaxer. I will probably use it again. Second day hair was good. I just put it in a bonnet and picked it back in place the next morning.

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