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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Yet Another Questionable Texture Release component

Avlon's Texture Release Thermal Protecting Mist

I decided to open this spray and discovered solid particles inside which I question if it is mold?  The batch code is 14F2704.  Outside of the shampoo that comes in the Texture Release kit, everything else has become instable.  I have documented another Avlon product with mold growth on this blog before.

I am sure that Avlon wants the best for its customers, and I am sure they are desiring to correct any defects.

I just caution people to definitely pay attention to the Texture Release kit products.  I am convinced that the Texture Release launch has been a failure.

March 2016 Update:  The bottle contents started to smell.

This dark liquid came from this bottle.  In the trash it goes!

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