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Friday, September 4, 2015

Review: Willie Morrow's Unbreakable Nozzle

Some natural hair clients are scared of a blow dry service using a brush so having a dependable comb attachment is necessary.  I paid around $20 USD for this Willie Morrow's Unbreakable Thermo Blow Dry Nozzle, and it was well worth it.

I had to use a real screwdriver in lieu of a jeweler's screwdriver to secure the attachment to my twin turbo hair dryer neck.  The nozzle withstood the heat from the dryer, and the teeth did not break.  The attachment stayed secure.

There are three different sized inserts to adjust this comb attachment to all sizes of handheld blow dryers.

So you are wondering who benefits from using this comb attachment?  The answer: Those with long, resistant, type 3 hair.  I do not recommend any type of comb attachment for fine hair nor for short hair nor for hair that is not properly detangled before use.

The client that I used it on had booty length, thick, resistant, type 3 hair.  The blow dry service was 1.5 hours.  My average blow-dry time for relaxed hair is 20 minutes.  So massive thickness and massive length made this unbreakable, heavy duty comb attachment priceless.

In the past, this same client's hair was causing the teeth to break on regular comb attachments.  Also, holding onto other "clamp on" blow dry attachments were challenging.  

With this natural hair movement, I suggest keeping one of these in your salon tools inventory for those special occasions where a brush will not work due to customer request or otherwise.


  1. Hi Benita! Thanks for featuring this product. Just s few questions please, first, where can I purchase this? Second, do you recommend for type 4 natural hair? And third, what type of blow dryer would you recommend for home use, I saw a kiss 1875 handle less and thought this may go with it. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Rose Godfrey! Armstrong Beauty Supply out of Gastonia, NC is where I purchased from. I would not recommend this unbreakable comb for any hair that is not already detangled from root to ends. Type 4c hair will probably break because the comb will win if the stylist forces any tangles out with the comb. You can run the comb through the hair prior to attaching to the blow dryer to see if it is going to damage the hair. Any 1875 watt hair dryer should be fine for home use. You can google reviews to find out about the weight of the dryer or how loud it is. Conair has always been a good consumer brand.

  2. Thank you Ms Blocker for always responding and giving an honest and professional opinion.