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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sisterlocks Shrinkage: a Closer Look!

This Sisterlocks model just flat ironed the right side of her locs between 380 and 430 degrees to showcase how much shrinkage takes place in Sisterlocks.

The straightening yielded her an extra five or more inches of length and sleekness.  She does have a deep curl pattern allowing it to bend and hold a bevelling.  This is only her 5th or 6th straightening within eight years.  For those with more resistant hair, large Caruso steam rollers were suggested. 

This same model is pictured prior to her haircut.  
I can not even imagine the length if she was to flat iron at this length!!!

Caruso steam rollers may not be as effective with extra long Sisterlocks lengths.  The steam rollers may also become too heavy or too stressful long locs.  Be careful of any added weight to the Sisterlocks.

Shrinkage provides volume in hairstyling, but for sleeker looks, heat is still the "go to" method.  Special thanks to the Sisterlocks model for sharing part of her journey with us!

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