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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Review: ORS SheaLicious Hair Conditioning Cocktail

 I received a sample of the ORS Shealicious Hair Conditioning Cocktail at the Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair  Show in Atlanta in April 2015.  Usually, I do not condition my hair because I do not want it too soft when I am trying to hold curls.

Well, it was time to try this cocktail out because one of my clients was "eyeing" it as soon as I got back from Atlanta last month.  Nope, I was not giving my Shealicious hair cocktail away.

The oil scent is "tamanu & black currant oils."

The cocktail seemed to stimulate my scalp.  It absorbed nicely into my locs without applying any heat.  I rinsed thoroughly, but I did feel like some of the cocktail may have lingered because as I was drying for my final styling I would occassional get runoff water/oil down my forehead in the front.  The Shealicious definitely made my hair/locs feel softer.

 So the instructions require you to pour, mix, and apply.  I mixed the cocktail in the container prior to my shampoo service.

I believe Sally's Beauty Supply is supposed to carry it before the end of this year 2015. Shealicious is a fun concept that looks like a yogurt, but it is a hair conditioner!  I can see kids and adults wanting to try it.  I assume that different oils may be packaged based on the scent.  I would definitely try it again!

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