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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 2015: My Three New Opinions on Hair

Two Different tightening techniques on One Head
 April Atkinson of LockStar Salon (Charlotte/Miami) told me a long time ago that she only interlocks hair that needs to be interlocked.  I am happy to say that I agree with her.  I have two different curl patterns on my head, and one of them does not like interlocking so I will not be interlocking every single loc.  The majority of my locs will be interlocked, but the ones in the areas that were tempermental with relaxers will be twisted and allowed to go free style.  I still have not lost any locs but I have 3 or 4 that I am watching like a hawk.  I wrote about them in a previous article on this blog.

New Scalp Scrub Method for me
Also, I have been using my length of my locs to scrub at my scalp.  Since my hair is coarse and wiry, when rubbing against my scalp it feel like a scrub. Laughing out loud.  For you Loc-Sistahs with softer hair - this may not work.  It feels good to appreciate my hair for what it is and not worrying about what it is not.

Learning to love your hair as God gave it to you is a very powerful thing . . . I sincerely hope that more children and adults get the opportunity to embrace it.  

My final thoughts on Relaxing Hair
If relaxers were necessary, then God would have made them Himself.  HoweverI love having relaxers as an option because relaxers allow us "to get in where we can fit in."  Relaxers are a part of blending into society.  When used for that purpose, then they work, but when relaxers are done with hatred for one's own God given hair, then that hatred will prevent one from reaching their full potential as ordained by God.  So Relax hair for the Right reasons - NOT the wrong reasons.

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