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Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Justin Kace Magnetic Wristband

Justin Kace Magnetic Wristband in XLarge.

I picked this wristband up at the 2015 Taliah Waajid  World Natural Hair Show. It holds clips, shears, sewing needles, and anything metal so I loved using this wristband during my last sew-in service.  Another stylist at the hair show mentioned a tray that can slide in the slots to avoid putting product on the back of your hands for the old school hairstylists out there.

There are other magnetic wristbands on the market, but this Justin Kace version is the best yet!  When paired with the Kim Kimble toolbelt, I can keep everything on me that I need for one client at a time.  Please see other articles on this blog for the Kimble toolbelt as well as the Clairol wristbands.

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