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Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Coloring Fusion Strand Extension Bundles

These are i-tip Fusion hair extensions.  Unfortunately, even the darkest color in this particular brand was not the best match for someone with off-black ethnic hair.  So count on some coloring!

I used this Glad Press'n Seal wrap to protect my tray table.

I began unbundling each bundle to make sure all the hair up to the pre-dipped tips got colored.  I used rubber bands and clippies to try to keep the bundles together in a somewhat organized system.

Ignore the colors of the clips and the bands.  I just needed the small sizes to make sure the ends stayed under control.  Most small sizes can be found in the children's haircare area.  Unforunately, I still had some hair extensions to slip through, but overall, this system worked.

I pre-cut all my Sanek professional See-thru foil in order to color one bundle at a time. I discuss this Sanek foil in another article on this blog.  Also, the bundle of hair extensions pictured above had not been untied yet.

The final picture shows all the bundles enclosed within their own see-thru foil.  I used normal haircolor timing, and normal shampooing and conditioning.  

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