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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Paul Mitchell Relaxers 2014 update

Hair stylists using the Paul Mitchell relaxers should start checking their batch codes on their Paul Mitchell relaxers.  The mild and the super strengths are the ones that need to be checked to see if it is expired as soon as possible.

If you see "s9" at the beginning of the batch code then the relaxer was manufactured in 2009 and is approaching five years old.  The Paul Mitchell company says that their relaxers have a three year shelf life. So as far as North Carolina is concerned, the main distributor for the Paul Mitchell relaxers has an overabundance of expired Paul Mitchell relaxer on their shelves in the mild strength as well as the super strength.

The mild strength and the super strength formulas are being discontinued by the Paul Mitchell company due to low demand.  Only the regular strength relaxer will continue to be supported.  The regular strength relaxer seems to remain fresh on the store shelves.

This update from the Paul Mitchell company truly is a tell-tale sign that the natural hair movement is not slowing up anytime soon.

Sylists, if you have an expired Paul Mitchell relaxer return it to your distributor only if you have purchased it within the last sixty days.  They should exchange out for other product.   Any relaxer purchased outside of the sixty days may need to be trashed and counted as a loss.

I will be switching my clients that were on the mild Paul Mitchell relaxer to the Fiberguard Affirm Mild relaxer.

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