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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Interlock Retightening Guidelines for SisterLocks or MicroLocks

 New to Sisterlocks or any other interlocking technique?
A video link is embedded later in this blog article for a hair interlocking introduction.

 Wondering how often you should have your Sisterlocks or microlocks re-tightened? Well, here's a guideline that may assist you:

Eight weeks Range
If your density is low or you seem to remain "scalpy looking" past the first three months, then consider getting your retightening done about every 8 weeks.  This will allow for your new growth to volumize a little for a thicker look.  If your schedule gets hectic, then the six weeks period is the soonest  and the ten weeks period is the longest that I would push it.  If your hair is truly thin or less dense, the tightening time should not take any longer than any person with medium hair density.  Yes, the locitician will have to spend more time and check the tension on each lock, but you will probably have less locks to be serviced than a denser head of hair.

Four weeks range
If you have thick density, coarse hair, and can NOT stand too much volume or lift at the roots, then your retightenings should be every four weeks.  Your goal is to keep your roots as flat as possible to subdue any volume from your root area. You can consider three weeks as the soonest and five weeks as the longest timeframe in case your schedule gets hectic.  The technician should only need to do one rotation or looping cycle so the loctician should not have to worry about adding tension.

Six weeks range
If you have medium density and you do not mind  having a little volume or lift at the roots, then six weeks is a good timeframe for you to have your locks retightened.  If the loctician gives you really tight roots, then you can kindly ask the technician for future purposes to maintain moderate looping tension, and that you do not want the interlocking too tight to the scalp.  If they are doing two full looping cycles, then ask for one and half looping cycles.  Communication and partnering is key.

Scalp Tension?
Some people like their retightenings to the point that their scalp feels the tension.  For others and certain hair types, the extra tension may cause additional thinning or breakage.  If the loctician is not willing to help find a routine that works for your hair type and styling needs, then you may need to keep moving.

My personal Sisterlocks retightening Experience:
When I was getting Sisterlock retightenings, I had Sisterlocks certified consultants spend from 1.5 hrs to 4 hrs on my locks, and I was going every 4 to 6 weeks religiously.  It was amazing how different each Sisterlocks certified consultant can be. Self tightenings and/or finger twisting may be a good fall back option to learn your own locks.

A Sisterlocks Retightening Video Sample to show retightening speed when the Sisterlocks fall within the Sisterlocks sizing range-can be found at this link:

In this video, the loctician is using her own locking pattern that works for her.  Ignore the Discoloration of the video, she probably added that special effect so that the average consumer would not understand her technique. Her locking rhythm is unique to her. Do not expect all locticians to follow the same pattern.  Yes, Sisterlocks training teaches their own locking patterns, but seasoned locticians may start from different positions that work for their practice.  I found this video extremely helpful.  Her youtube channel name can pull up interesting footage unrelated to her.  I am not sure how she came up with that name. LOL!  Anyway . . .

Were you wondering about my new Sisterlocks tool storage case above?

Well, I got it from the Dollar Tree store.  It is a "Color Loops" Storage case.  Only $1.00 USD. It is an empty case for those who are into the rubber band looming.  No tools or supplies included.  Just the case.  I love it!  It probably can double for jewelry storage too!  Perfect for my Sisterlocks tools.

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