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Friday, February 21, 2014

As Seen on TV Soft Rollers Work on Micro-locks!

I first introduced these As seen on TV "Wrap Snap and Go" Comfort Hair Rollers in 2011.  My client actually found these in the Goodwill stores within recent months. For straight hair, the curls that result from these rollers are a little too tight and irregular for most people. However, fast forward to 2014 when natural hair styling is at an all time high!

I started rolling my locks with these and they are comfortable.  I can put as many locks or as little locks on one roller and twist them up.

These rollers work for medium to long locks.
November 2015 picture - still using them!

Those interested in a Bantu Knot Set and Styling tutorial for straight hair should click on the link in this sentence.

These rollers are soft and flexible with a snap closure.  I have been re-hydrating my locks at night assuming that the existing hairspray already in the hair will work as a setting agent.  I roll my locks with these comfort rollers.  Then I have to hairspray my final styling again the next morning.  So far this regimen delivers hydration at night and volume/curl in the morning.

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