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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Using the Awl for Dreadlock Removal

An awl was suggested in my recent Sisterlocks training for assistance for the removal of sample locks prior to beginning a locking session.  This awl was purchased for about $8.00 USD from Joann's Fabrics.

As most people know, there have been many people who have or who will make a decision to remove their dreadlocks, micro-locks, Sisterlocks.

Some may not like their lock sizing.  Some may have noticed some thinning that is challenging their lock styling ability. Some may have relocated to an area that does not have a loctician or a Sisterlocks consultant that they like.

So for whatever the reason that someone needs to begin the lock removal process, the awl will be a tool to use for a professional start.

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