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Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sisterlocks Training: The Third Time is a Charm

Well, I just finished my third Sisterlocks four day training!  Great teacher!  Great classmates!  I learned sooo much.  Many things were review; but there were literally some aspects of troubleshooting locks that I was having the hardest time grasping the concept until the instruction was re-worded.  Then I started having more and more "ah-haw" moments.  I was sooo happy because now, I feel that I understand every aspect of the Sisterlocks establishment of locks, repair, and maintenance of Sisterlocks.  It was such a wonderful feeling.

My classmates in this class were from as far away as Canada to as close as Monroe, NC but no one but myself was from Mecklenburg County, NC.  I felt like it was a vacation without leaving out of town.  The students really bonded.  It reminded me of my Boston, MA Sisterlocks training.  There was a lot of love and a lot of learning!

You will also be happy to know that in 2013, Sisterlocks started making their online registry more exclusive with stricter guidelines for maintiaining an active listing with them.  Anyone who took the class prior to 2013 such as myself is grandfathered in.  I took my first four day training in 2012.  My second training was within six months of the first training.  This last training was about one year from my second training.

Well, it's official! My locks are now long enough for me to try different styles.  I challenged myself to wear a different look each day of training, and I did it!

I will share with you new hair accessories, new lock styling, a lock removal tool, and ways to find out how many different textures that you have on your one head.  So stay tuned.

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