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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Silica Gel Talk

You can find Silica Gel packets in everything from commercial hair extensions packages to beef jerky.  It is used to absorb moisture or keep things dry.  In a previous article on this blog, I mentioned how spiders are attracted to water in the shampoo bowls.  So these Silica Gel packets make sense to prevent moisture from getting into commercial hair packages which therefore should keep bugs from being attracted to the hair.

So you may want to start saving these silica packets for other uses such as drying out wet cell phones and preventing camera lenses from fogging up.  Other uses can be found at

I was amazed to read how people use it for dried flower decorations and more.  You are not supposed to eat the silica in these packets, but apparently there are some forms of silica that people consume for health purposes.

If it says "DO NOT EAT" then obviously that silica may not the non-toxic version.  This is an eco-friendly article.  Please help save the planet by recycling.

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