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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Marriage, Men, Divorce and the Hair Thing

Photos from the movie: Waiting to Exhale

There are some men who absolutely, positively love long hair.  Sometimes long hair seals the marriage deal. Sometimes wives secretly want a short, sassy short to medium style, but in an attempt to keep their husband happy, they continue to comply with maintaining their longer length.

So one day, like the storyline in the movie "Waiting to Exhale" the wife finds herself getting traded out for a "newer model."  Of course, there are plenty of couples celebrating 40 years of marriage.  So for those who commit to the institution of marriage, it is a beautiful thing.

Now, for those who find themselves breaking up from a serious relationship or a marriage seem to always head to the hair salon for that "short to medium" haircut.

As hairstylists, we hope to talk the client through such an emotional time hoping to prolong the drastic haircut until the next hair visit with the hope that the client will forget about the style change.  However, for some emotional clients, it is a "right now" decision.  They want to be rid of this man and what he loved so dearly - the long hair.  They want freedom.  They want to find the essence of themselves again behind all the long tresses.  So 4 or more inches of hair is removed.

A support system is important when going through major life changes such as separation, divorce, and break-up.  You also need a support system if you get any type of big chop  for any reason including health related reasons.  Drastic change causes shock to everyone around.  Adapting to the drastic change takes some folks more time than others.

Some husbands don't care if your hair is long or short.  They do not care if you come home with an extra tattoo.  Those marriages are sometimes built on a deeper level or just a different superficial matter.

Before you take off 4 or 5 inches of hair, discuss it with your spouse first to make sure it is not going to affect your marriage.

Relationships can be so complex; yet, so simple.  It all depends on marrying the right person.

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