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Friday, January 24, 2014

1.5 Year Lock-versary: The Dry Set

 So 18 months down, and it feels like I still need another 18 months to double this length.  This lock-versary was bittersweet.  I was really reflecting on what a bumpy ride this lock journey has been, and I still have a long way to go.  I literally held back tears.  I felt like I was at crossroads.  I was told many are getting "loc extensions."  Veteran lock wearers feel that "getting lock extensions" is cheating, but the corporate Sistahs are saying they want to feel good about themselves and the lock extensions are the only way to go to avoid that "ugly phase."  I am using strong words here because I want everyone to really see both sides.  For a split second, I even thought about going back to a relaxer.  Oh my goodness, I really was having a crisis.  The pressure to be polished.  The pressure to fit in.  My head felt like it was about to explode.  Then I took a deep breath. Calmed down. Cleared my head.  Then Voila!

Serenity. Clarity.  The Sisterlock ladies in Boston told me to give my locks five years and everyone will be jealous of my locks.  Oh my,  I am still not halfway there, but I am a leader.  I can do this.  So I re-committed to working with what I got without adding any "lock extensions."  So to achieve this style, I used the Lottabody "Ready to Use" Setting Lotion on my micro-locks dry.  No shampooing.  I wanted an overnight set without a soaking wet head.  I wrote about the Lottabody setting lotion on this blog recently.

Well, I used it to dry set my micro-locks in bantu knots. I then slept in that style overnight with a extra wide headband to avoid them working their way loose.  I untwisted the bantu knots the next morning, and this is the cute little texture it put into my locks.  I had a lot of fun!  I will have to take the time to do this more often!

Now, do not get me wrong, I am still longing for more length, but I feel like I am almost completely past the starter loc phase.  Why spend the time and money adding lock extensions?  No.  I am NOT going to do it.

Let me also let those who skip the starter loc phase and go straight into the lock extension know that you are missing out on something very key to maturing in life . . .  can you guess what that is?  It took me awhile to really figure out what you get cheated out of by skipping the "starter lock" phase.

Tired of guessing?  Well, you miss out on discovering who your friends are and who is your support system.  Your true friends may not be your family, but when you begin the journey of stripping all of the extensions and glamour, you find your true essence.  When people can love the "real you" then they don't see starter locks as a forever thing.  They support you in that phase.

I realized that from my layoff from Corporate America that my corporate work environment did not support my starter lock phase.  New corporate management did not value me.

I realized that newer salon clientele did not trust my judgement with hair because they could not see the bigger picture.  So my revenues curtailed, and how do you attract new relaxer clients when you are wearing starter locks?  Oh my goodness, I have to laugh.  Thank God for bringing me through, and Thank God for that long, gorgeous stocking cap wig that I made.  It was the only thing that seemed to humanize me again in the eyes of society.

Can you imagine feeling like you are the "talk of the town" for being a "Hot mess" full of "little things" in your hair?   Oh my God, those "little things" were actually my hair in the Sisterlocks framework, but in the grand scheme of things, no one cared about what "Sisterlocks" were.  They just cared about if it was cute or not?  And apparently, the answer was "no."

So now, 1.5 years later . . .  I have come a long, long way.  It has made me a strong person, and I have identified who my friends and support system are.  They see the essence behind the hair.  They are not the "fairweather friends."  They are the ones that believe in you and support your decisions.

I understand if your job will not support the starter loc phase without "lock extensions."  You have to pay your bills so in order to keep your job, then get the lock extensions added.

Someone is probably saying "Hey!  That is discrimination if they do not accept your natural hair."   Well, the truth is unless you are in some liberal states like California and New York, fighting with an employer is going to get you no where but the "unemployment line with your natural hair."  Trust me it is not a cute situation.  If your workplace does not like your hair styling or your hair statement, then keep applying to other jobs until you find a work environment that will.  I learned from experience.  I figure if I can save others some time and pain, why not?

Anyway, for my fellow loc wearers, try dry setting your locks with the Lottabody setting lotion.  Do NOT fully saturate the locks.  Just mist them with setting lotion and twist or set.  Have fun!

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