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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Soft Sheen Carson Advanced Relaxer System Review

 I had a reader to inquire about one of my previous blog articles regarding the Keratin Whipped Creme relaxer by Soft Sheen Carson.  I decided to test this relaxer trial size on some Type 4 hair samples.  The "afro" hair sample is in the picture above with the trial size relaxer system that I obtained from a hair show.

The relaxer was very creamy, and I had to be heavy handed to get all the curls saturated with the relaxer.

 I had to work the relaxer with my fingers (body heat), and I also used a comb.  Then I let it sit for another 8 minutes.
Upon neutralizing, conditioning before shampooing, some of my hair sample became undone and washed into the shampoo bowl.  Overall, I love the softness and straightness of the final results of this relaxer system on the remainder of the hair sample that remained in place.  This SmartLye relaxer system is not an aggressive straightener.  Total straighening time including application was probably 12 minutes.

I have no idea if someone with a sensitive scalp will be able to tolerate it, but if their hair is resistant, I do not think that this relaxer is a good fit.  You would have to work it through to get it straightened.

As far as the rinsing out of the relaxer, it did NOT rinse out easily.  I had to really manipulate the hair sample to release the relaxer from around it.  So obviously, there are a lot of conditioners in this relaxer system which like to cling.

Overall, if someone was using this relaxer system for home use, it may be perfect because of the conditioning aspect of it, and it's not overly aggressive, but seems to have to the ability to straighten hair even resistant hair with a little extra "elbow grease."  If you are sensitive scalp and have resistant hair, I would NOT go with this one.

Also, the trial relaxer product that I used to test with was probably over two years old but not expired.  Usually, three years is the standard shelf life for relaxers.

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